How To Appeal Amazon Account Suspension

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When the pandemic occurred, online shopping has been the go-to of many customers, especially because going outside was risky. Although we have passed the pandemic’s peak and many people are free to go outside, online shopping is still preferred by many due to its ease and convenience.

Being a customer is one thing, and being a seller is another. As a seller, you surely want a good reputation for your brand. Not only does this increase sales, but it also makes your business and Amazon account run smoothly.

Unfortunately, good intentions are not everything. There are times when we can make unnoticeable mistakes that cause trouble for our brand.

So what exactly do you do to appeal your Amazon account suspension?


If your Amazon seller account has been suspended, it is important to review the Amazon policies and agreement regulations and note which of their rules were violated.

This way, you can clearly address the problem in your appeal and reinforce your desire to provide excellent customer service in the future.

In this article, we discuss how to prevent account suspension. Furthermore, we let you know how to appeal for account suspension. Read on!


Valuing customers is an Amazon priority. Even if you have good intentions, you may miss out on specific details, which may cause your account suspension.

Here are tips for maintaining your account with ease!

1. Use the Amazon Seller App

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Slow to no replies create a bad impression on customers. To ensure speedy replies to inquiring buyers and get seller-related notifications through the Amazon app.

2. Label and Describe Honestly

Cardboard Box With A Label &Quot;Caution Heavy Package&Quot;.

Another thing to consider is labeling your items properly so that customers can understand them from the get-go. Declaring the state and condition of the item as honestly as possible is recommended.

3. Handle Items With Care and Urgency

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Ensure that items are properly packaged to avoid damaged goods. Amazon prioritizes and values customers; thus, meeting its standards is essential. Shipping out orders must be accomplished on time.

Continuously review negative reviews, return requests, and the like. Ignoring customer concerns can cause your account to be suspended.

Appealing Account Suspension

To increase the chances of a successful appeal, you must first conduct a comprehensive investigation. Go through the policies of Amazon to check which rules you may have violated. Moreover, you should review your central performance metrics to determine the root of the suspension.

Should the cause remain unclear, you can ask for clarification through a ticket.

After a careful review, you can now proceed with your appeal. It is important to address the incident and the committed mistake and take responsibility for it.

Next, mention your intention of providing an excellent customer experience and acknowledge the platform’s value for your business.

Do note that pointing fingers at anyone or the company may cause more damage than good. It is important to keep a polite and respectful tone throughout your appeal.


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To appeal your account suspension, address the mistake and your desire to provide excellent customer experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Amazon Suspensions Last?

Amazon’s suspension depends on the situation and the resolution.

What Happens if You Get Suspended From Amazon?

If you get suspended, you are immediately notified by Amazon. Until it has been resolved, you are prohibited from selling.

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