Why Does UPS Mark As “Delivered” When It’s Not?

Ups Delivery

As an online customer, shipment delays, parcel robbery, and shipments to the wrong address are common concerns you might have encountered.

The exact scenario can happen with UPS package delivery when they mark the status delivered, but you might not have found it at your front door.


Succinctly, while purchasing through UPS, you must keep an eye on the following details for smooth and swift delivery. And Ta-da, you are all set to go.

  • Look around your exterior doors (porch, garage, garden, etc.)
  • Speak with your neighbors.
  • Check up on USPS for your package.

Don’t fret anymore; here you’ll find why your package has missed out even though UPS marked it as delivered. So, let’s delve deep into it.

4 Reasons Why It Could Be “Delivered” No Package Situation

Instead of stressing out about the misplaced parcel, sort through the following areas before taking further action:

1. Check Around Your Home

Delivery At Home

First, look out for all the possible corners of your exterior if you still need to collect the parcel at the front door. Often, the dispatcher leaves the package in places like the garage, garden, porch, or under benches or plants to ensure its safety.

Therefore, you must check out your mailbox and exterior before involving any third party in the picture and getting yourself embarrassed.

2. Misunderstanding With Tracking Information

Wrong Tracking Information

Making mistakes is an inevitable part of human nature. That’s why if your package is missing, there may be the wrong information that the courier has mistakenly inserted into the tracking system than actual.

In this case, UPS will be shown to you as marked, but you have not received the package. The best you can do here is to contact the courier company directly to be exactly aware of your parcel’s situation.

Whether it’s delivered or the driver by accident takes it back to the office while UPS enlisted it as delivered. And this brings us to our third reason.

3. Someone Else Signed for the Package

Wrong Delivery

The courier might dispatch the package to your neighbor if they don’t find you on the spot. So, if you haven’t noticed it on your exterior and the tracking system is also working accurately, there is a way more chance your neighbor has collected it for you.

Hence, you can speak to your neighbors or reach out to the UPS company for signature evidence to get familiar with the person whom the courier dispatch your parcel. You can also monitor the tracking number to see the updates.

4. Shipment to the Wrong Address

Wrong Address

If the above occasions don’t resonate with you, they may have shipped the package to the wrong address. Thus, you need to bring that situation to the company’s attention to sort things out for you.

All you need to do is to approach the seller instead of contacting USPS directly. While the seller talks to UPS on your behalf, they will take your issue more seriously and better locate your parcel or send you a new one in case they fail to find the previous one.

Final Words

While using UPS services, you must follow the package transit and make the shipper aware of anything that needs to be corrected. You can also contact to USPS customer service line to better address your misplaced parcel.

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