Why Does FedEx Say “Future Delivery Requested”?

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As a sender or receiver, seeing the shipment update “Future Delivery Requested” while tracking your package might seem unclear and leave you wondering what it means and why FedEx says that.


The phrase “Future Delivery Requested” is a shipment tracking exception that appears while tracking a FedEx package if it faces temporary delays due to technical or logistical issues from the company’s side, resulting in the parcel not being delivered on the expected delivery date.

Another possibility for this exception to pop out is when the recipient requests a hold on their parcel and wants it delivered some other day instead of the expected delivery date.

Below, we will discuss in detail why FedEx says “Future Delivery Requested,” what causes this exception to appear, and what to do upon receiving this update.

Why Does FedEx Say “Future Delivery Requested”

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FedEx is a courier delivery company providing swift and efficient shipping services since 1971 and facilitating customers by promptly sending them updates on their parcel’s progress.

However, there are still possibilities in which FedEx may fail to deliver your package on time due to technical or logistical issues.


FedEx always aim to deliver your parcel timely on the expected delivery date because delays in the shipment cause their shipping system to slow down as they have to hold the package for an extra time.

The “Future Delivery Expected” status means that your FedEx parcel is being delayed from the expected delivery date provided at the time of booking and may arrive later.

There can be numerous reasons for a parcel being delayed, which causes FedEx to say “Future Delivery Requested,” which are discussed below.

1. Inclement Weather Conditions

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FedEx employs cargo vans and planes for transporting packages to different facilities and final destinations.

However, adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or snowfall can hinder their travel, leading to delayed deliveries and a “Future Delivery Requested” exception status appearing while tracking.


FedEx prioritize the safety of their delivery drivers and your parcel, so they seize their shipping operations during inclement weather conditions to avoid accidents and mishaps.

2. High Road Traffic

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High road traffic can also impact the delivery of packages by FedEx.

When there is heavy traffic congestion on the roads, delivery vans may reach their destination off schedule, causing your parcel to be delivered later than expected.

This delay can lead to your package being marked with the delivery exception status “Future Delivery Requested.”

To address this issue, FedEx has implemented various measures, like real-time traffic monitoring and route optimization software, and minimize the impact of high road traffic on their shipping operations.

The courier company also works closely with local traffic controlling authorities to coordinate their delivery routes during peak traffic hours to avoid delays as much as possible.

In some cases, FedEx may also deploy additional delivery personnel or vehicles to ensure packages reach the final destination on time, despite high road traffic.

3. Technical Issues in FedEx Facilities

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Technical issues within FedEx facilities can also cause package delivery delays, such as problems with scanning equipment, sorting machinery, or other critical software used to process and handle shipments.

When this happens, FedEx engineers and technical staff work to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

However, depending on its severity, resolving the issue may take some time, causing the delivery exception status “Future Delivery Requested” to appear on the tracking page for extended periods.


To minimize the impact of technical issues on your package delivery, FedEx uses advanced tracking and monitoring systems that enable them to identify and resolve problems swiftly.

4. Customs Delays

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Customs delays are another factor that can impact the delivery of packages by FedEx, particularly for international shipments.

Customs clearance is mandatory for all overseas packages, and delays can occur if they hold your parcel for inspection due to suspicious issues with the documentation or the package’s contents.

When this happens, your package delivery status converts to “Future Delivery Requested.”


Customs delays can add days or even weeks to the delivery time of your package, depending on the complexity of their clearance process.

5. Damaged Package and Missing Labels

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When your package sustains damage during transit or the shipping label is incorrectly applied, this can cause delays in the delivery process.

In the event of parcel packaging vandalism, FedEx inspectors may need to assess the extent of the damage to determine if it can still be safely delivered or need to be repacked, causing delays.

Likewise, if the shipping label is missing or incorrectly applied, the package may not be able to proceed through the FedEx scanning system.

As a result, manual processing and tracking may require, which can slow the shipment process.

In both scenarios, the delivery exception status “Future Delivery Requested” may appear while tracking until the issue is resolved.


To minimize the impact of damaged packages and missing labels on package delivery, FedEx enforces strict packaging standards and provides customers with guidance on proper labeling procedures.

6. Incorrect Address Details

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If the address is incomplete or incorrect, your package may be returned to the sender, causing further delays and potential shipping fees for re-delivery.

Alternatively, if your parcel is sent to the wrong address, rerouting it to the correct location may also take additional time.

In either case, your shipment can show the delivery exception status “Future Delivery Requested” during tracking.


FedEx guides senders on proper address formatting and verification to avoid such issues, including tools to check addresses for accuracy before sending a package.

FedEx Says “Future Delivery Requested” After You Request a Hold

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FedEx allows you to adjust your parcel’s delivery date according to your availability to receive it using the FedEx Delivery Manager.

With this tool, you can specify instructions for the driver, change the delivery location, and even request a delivery delay if necessary.

For instance, if you’re going on vacation and won’t be able to receive your package, you can use FedEx Delivery Manager to request a hold on the delivery until you return and become available to receive or pick it up.

If you do that, the tracking status of your shipment may show “Future Delivery Requested” to indicate that the delivery date has been modified at your request.

However, if you did not change the delivery date, the shipper might have altered it from their side.


This detailed article discussed why FedEx says “Future Delivery Requested” and its meaning. We also explored various reasons for this shipment delay exception to pop out while tracking a FedEx parcel.

Hopefully, you now understand every aspect of the delivery update “Future Delivery Requested” and.

You can do better upon encountering this exception while tracking your FedEx package, avoiding confusion or uncertainty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Do Anything When I Receive a “FedEx Future Delivery Requested” Update?

You do not need to react upon receiving a “FedEx Future Delivery Requested” notification.

The responsibility of resolving any delivery issues lies with FedEx, and you should only monitor your tracking information for updates on the new delivery date.

What To Do When Tracking Is Stuck on the “FedEx Future Delivery Requested” Update?

If your FedEx tracking status is stuck on “Future Delivery Requested” for an extended period, it may indicate an issue with your shipment.

In this case, you should contact FedEx customer service via phone, email, or chat to inquire about the status of your package and whether there are any further steps you need to take.

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