What Does “At Dock” Mean in UPS?

Package At Dock

Are you using the UPS service to send parcels to someone and wondering what “At Dock” means while tracking the item?


While tracking your UPS shipment, the “At Dock” or “Left at Dock” status on the company tracking webpage means that they have received the item; however, the parcel is still waiting to make it to the truck heading to your nearest distribution center.

While tracking your package, the “At Dock” notification may sound a little confusing, so we have written a short guide to tell you exactly what this UPS term means.

What Is the Meaning of “At Dock” in UPS Shipping?

Package At Dock

Whenever you send a parcel to someone using the UPS service, you can use the company’s website to track its whereabouts with the help of the tracking number.

While doing so, you may have come up with the “At Dock” or “Left at Dock” package status on the tracking web page. This means that UPS has your item but is still waiting to be loaded on the company’s brown trailer going to your nearest distribution center.

You may think that the “Dock” in UPS means that your item is held in a sailing ship resting in a low tide muddy area.

However, the UPS dock shipping dock is a physical commercial or industrial building for unloading and loading parcels in a safe environment protected from harsh weather and outside interference.


Sending packages to your friends and family through UPS and waiting to be received by them can sometimes be tiresome because the company delivery trucks are subject to scheduled delivery.


This short guide discusses what “At Dock” status means on the UPS website tracking page.

Hopefully, you now know the answer to your question and can patiently wait for your package’s arrival at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is UPS Supposed To Leave Packages?

If you have not chosen an option for your shipment to be signed, the UPS delivery driver will leave the package in a safe place, such as the front or back of the porch, side door, near your garage, with a neighbor on their consent, or the nearest leasing office.

The driver will leave a yellow note to help you find where they left the parcel.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday?

UPS can deliver residential and commercial packages on weekends but only on Saturdays; Sundays are off-limits.

How Long Does It Take for Ups To Get to Your House?

You can expect to receive most UPS Ground parcels to your house within three or fewer days.

UPS Ground and Air Packages guarantee you will get your package by a certain day, which will be one to five business days across all 50 US states and Puerto Rico.

Does UPS Deliver at Night?

UPS usually delivers your package to your residence or business between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. If the company is backlogged with deliveries passed 7:00 pm time, you will get your parcel the next working day.

Can I Speed Up Ups Delivery?

You can choose various delivery options to speed up your UPS shipment, such as UPS Next Day Air, UPS Next Day Air Early, or UPS Next Day Air Saver.

However, this may result in extra shipping costs exceeding your package’s worth, especially if the item is cheap.

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