Does FedEx Deliver When It Rains?

Fedex Driver Opens The Sliding Door On His Delivery Van On A Rainy Day

You might be eagerly awaiting the delivery of your FedEx package today, but if it’s raining outside, you may wonder whether the inclement weather will affect your package’s arrival.


FedEx generally delivers packages when it’s raining or during less inclement weather.

However, the company has policies and procedures to ensure the safety of their delivery drivers and packages in severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, or extremely icy or warm scenarios, which may also cause delivery delays.

For your guidance, we will explore whether FedEx delivers when it rains, the precautionary measures their delivery drivers take during bad weather conditions, and how you can help them ensure your parcel’s safety.

Does FedEx Deliver When It Rains?

A Fedex Express Delivery Van Is Stopped On The Side Of A Street

FedEx always tries to deliver your consignments on time, even if it is pouring outside.

However, if there is a possibility that the rainwater might damage your packages or the severe weather conditions are hazardous to the driver, the company can postpone your parcel’s dispatch.

These are some weather inclemency instances that may cause delays in your FedEx package delivery:

  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornados
  • Blizzards
  • Immensely frosty or warm weather conditions

On the flip side, if there is a little hailstorm, fog, or drizzle, FedEx continues its delivery operations, and you can expect your parcel on time.


FedEx never delays your parcel delivery intentionally because if this happens, they have to hold and store the undelivered packages in their distribution facilities for an extra period which also affects their shipping systems.

As it is clear now that FedEx delivers in the rain, there exists a potential risk of rainwater causing harm to your packages or creating hazardous conditions for the drivers during delivery.

So let’s now discuss how FedEx drivers complete the deliveries in overcast and drizzly weather conditions, along with ensuring your package’s safety.

1. FedEx Drivers Get Training for Delivery in Bad Weather

Fedex Courier Delivery Service

FedEx has established facilities that simulate inclement weather to familiarize drivers with the challenges they may encounter during deliveries so they can perform efficiently in real-life scenarios.

Before joining the delivery team, FedEx provides potential candidates with tough training sessions in their facilities on delivering parcels safely, even in intense weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snowfall.

These training programs ensure that the delivery drivers are well-prepared to handle inclement situations and protect the parcels and themselves from any harm during shipping.


FedEx coaching includes teaching drivers to walk on slippery roads and pathways and to always wear raincoats and boots during deliveries in adverse weather conditions.

2. FedEx Drivers Use Waterproof Plastic Bags

Man Keeping Documents Safely In A Transparent Plastic Zipper Bag

FedEx delivery drivers always have waterproof plastic bags in their cargo van to cover your parcels before leaving them at the doorstep in rainy conditions, ensuring their safety.

However, if your parcel does not fit in the plastic bag, the driver may call you to pick it up from the delivery van outside your house or even postpone the delivery until the rain stops.


FedEx does not charge for waterproof plastic bags to seal and secure your packages from rainwater at delivery time. 

3. FedEx Driver May Leave Your Parcel Beneath an Archway or Awning

Fedex Delivery Services

In case of heavy rainfall or drizzly weather conditions, FedEx drivers may also leave your package beneath an archway or awning to protect it from getting wet until you can retrieve it.

If the FedEx driver fails to find any canopy or place where they feel the parcel will remain safe from rainwater, they return the package to a nearby FedEx location.

What Can You Do as a Recipient To Assist FedEx Drivers To Deliver in the Rain?

Here are the two ways you can assist FedEx drivers delivering in the rain as a recipient.


FedEx instructs their drivers to handle parcels with care. It prohibits them from being reckless with the deliveries because ensuring the safe and timely delivery of packages is a top priority for the company.

1. Stay at Home on the Expected Delivery Day

Business Woman Receive Envelope From Fedex Express

FedEx provides regular updates on the progress of your shipment via E-mail and mobile notifications, including when your package is out for delivery.

If the weather forecast predicts rain on the day your package is en route to its final destination, staying home would be beneficial.

You can pick up your packages directly from the FedEx delivery van, assisting the drivers delivering in the rain.

2. Install a Mailbox Outside Your House

White Mail Box In Front Of A House

Installing a mailbox outside your house is a simple yet effective way to facilitate FedEx delivery drivers, especially during rainy weather.

A parcel delivery box offers protection from severe weather conditions and helps ensure that your deliveries arrive safely without interacting directly with the driver.


When installing a mailbox for FedEx deliveries, choose an easily visible, accessible location in front of your residence and label the box with your name and address to confirm your packages reach the correct location.

What Can You Do as a Sender To Protect Your FedEx Parcel if It Rains?

Protecting your FedEx parcel from water damage during delivery is also essential as a sender.

So, here are some tips to help safeguard your package significantly in the rainy season.

1. Use Water-Resistant Packing Tape

Guy's Hands Holding Packing Machine And Sealing Cardboard Boxes With Duct Tape

Water-resistant packing tape is a simple and effective way to help protect your FedEx package from rainwater during delivery.

Ensure to securely seal all box seams and edges to prevent moisture from seeping into your parcel.

2. Double-Box Your Parcel

A Bunch Of Courier Boxes Cardboard Boxes

Double-boxing can provide extra protection for especially valuable or moisture-sensitive items. To do that, place your products in a sealed plastic bag, then in a sturdy outer box for additional safety.

Moreover, you can also wrap your FedEx packages from the outside using waterproof packaging materials, such as polythene bags or bubble wrap, to prevent damage.


A box made from corrugated cardboard is a good shipping container to protect your item from moisture, bumps, and bruises during transport.

3. Label the Package As Fragile

Female Post Mail Storage Worker Holding Tape Dispenser Sealing

By labeling your package as fragile, FedEx drivers handle your parcel with extra care and try to keep it away from water damage as much as possible.

What Should You Do When Rain Damages Your FedEx Package?

Male Courier Showing Damaged Box

If your FedEx package gets damaged due to rain or any other weather condition during transit, here are the steps you should take:

  • Document the loss by taking photos of the water-damaged package.
  • Contact FedEx and report the damage as soon as possible through their website or customer service hotline and provide them with your tracking number and the details of the damage.
  • File a claim if the package is insured with FedEx to recover the value of the damaged items.
  • Keep track of the progress of your claim and follow up with FedEx as needed until the issue gets resolved.


This article discussed whether FedEx delivers when it rains and how their delivery drivers protect your parcels from getting damaged due to bad weather conditions.

We’ve also discussed a few measures you can take to protect your package from water damage as a sender or receiver.

Hopefully, this article helped you get all the information regarding FedEx deliveries in harsh weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Extra Charges From FedEx for Delivering in the Rain?

FedEx has no extra charges for delivering packages in the rain since harsh weather conditions are considered normal circumstances expected to be dealt with by FedEx drivers.

What Happens if FedEx Can’t Deliver Due to Bad Weather?

If FedEx cannot deliver packages due to severe weather conditions, such as a hurricane, tornado, or blizzard, it may temporarily suspend its services in the affected areas.

In such cases, delivery delays may occur until the weather gets normal and it is safe for drivers to operate.

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