How Long Does Chicago Customs Take USPS?

How Long Does Chicago Customs Take Usps?

Waiting for USPS shipping, especially the packages from across the border, is exciting but can become frustrating when one does not receive the delivery items on time.

Usually, USPS delivers the packages on time to the customers after Chicago customs clear them.

However, sometimes, it takes more time to receive the parcels because of different reasons that cause the delay.


Generally, a customs clearance takes twenty-four to forty-eight hours to release the international shipments, but sometimes it takes weeks.

Although the Chicago customs take twenty-four to forty hours to process a United States Postal Service (USPS), sometimes the time varies from a few hours to some days and weeks.

The factors that affect the length of time to process a USPS shipment at Chicago customs depend on

  • Custom Inspection.
  • Types of Goods.
  • The volume of Goods.
  • Country of Origin.
  • Customs fees.

Chicago customs deal with the inspection and clearance of international shipments and ensure that the international shipments follow the rules and regulations of international trade.

Various factors affect the delivery of USPS packages due to the Chicago customs, and the Chicago customs take various steps to ensure the shipment they receive complies with the rules and regulations.

Chicago Customs Affecting the Delivery Time of USPS

Chicago Customs Affecting The Delivery Time Of Usps

USPS packages from different countries or outside the United States go through Chicago customs before USPS deliver them to the customers in the USA.

Chicago customer is responsible for regulating and facilitating international trade, and it is their job to ensure the shipments they receive follow the laws and regulations.

Some of the factors that cause the delay in processing the USPS packages at the Chicago customs are

1. Custom Inspection

Custom Inspection

The USPS packages go through customs inspection at Chicago customs to ensure they follow the laws and regulations of international trade.

It might take a long time if the team members of the Chicago customs have to do additional screenings or they have questions regarding the contents of the packages.

2. Types of Goods

Types Of Goods

For the shipment of certain goods, there is a need for additional documentation or clearance from government agencies, so the process requires more time.

3. The Volume of Goods

The Volume Of Goods

If Chicago receives more items or goods, it will take the customs officers more time to process them, which might cause customers to wait longer than the expected delivery time to receive their packages.

4. Country of Origin

Country Of Origin

USPS packages from certain origin countries require additional documentation and screening. This will lead to delays in processing the packages, resulting in longer waiting times for the customers.

5. Customs Fees

Customs Fees

If the recipient has to pay additional charges, like customs fees, taxes, or other charges, it will take longer for the customer to process it.

The Chicago customer will process the delivery items after receiving the payment from the recipient.


Shipments the Chicago customs receive during the holiday seasons will take more time for clearance from the customs officers.

Chicago Customs Clearance Process

Chicago Customs Clearance

Some of the general steps the Chicago customs take for the clearance process for USPS international packages are:

  1. When the packages arrive at USA Chicago customs, customs officers inspect them to ensure the shipment complies with the applicable laws and regulations. This process includes a physical inspection, an x-ray scan, and checking the documents of the delivery items.
  2. Customer officers assess any applicable customs duties, taxes, or other fees based on the contents of the packages and laws and regulations. It might include verifying the value of the goods, the country of origin, and so on.
  3. After the customs officers inspect and assess the packages, they either clear them for delivery or need further inspection and documentation; the customs officers will keep the items on hold.
  4. The customs officers will contact the recipient if they require more documentation, inspection, or payment.
  5. The customs officers will clear the packages for delivery after resolving all the issues. When the custom clears the delivery items, USPS will deliver them to the recipients.

The time for clearance of USPS shipments at Chicago customs varies for different packages based on various factors.

Customers and recipients must prepare themselves for delays in the delivery of international packages and plan accordingly.


The Chicago customs is responsible for inspecting and clearing the USPS international shipments entering the USA from other countries.

Usually, it takes a few hours for customs clearing of a package, but it might take days and even weeks if the customs officers need additional screening and documentation.

Many factors affect the clearance process of USPS packages at the Chicago customs, such as customs procedures, the volume of the goods, the type of goods, the origin country, and so on.

Sometimes, the customs officers will need additional screening and documentation for some USPS packages and will release them once they clear them from customs.

USPS will update their customers about the status and time frame of delivery of the packages to the customers through tracking updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Chicago Customs Reject USPS Shipments?

Yes, Chicago customs can refuse USPS packages that do not comply with the USA laws and regulations.

The customs officers inspect all the incoming packages and reject the entry of those items that are not allowed or prohibited.

Can a Customer Collect the Parcels From Chicago Customs?

A customer cannot collect the parcels directly from Chicago customs. Instead, after the clearance process, they send the package to a USPS facility, and USPS will deliver them to the customer.

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