Why Do DoorDash Drivers Go the Wrong Way?

Door Dash Delivery

Minutes are ticking by, but there is no sign of the driver heading your way. So why will your DoorDash driver go the wrong way even when they always have access to Google Maps?

Is there a problem with their map? Or is your tracking page relaying past information?


DoorDash drivers use Google Maps to find their food and grocery delivery routes to stay on track most of the time.

However, a few reasons that prompt them to change their route include:

  • Detours because of traffic and diversions.
  • Multiple orders from the same customer.
  • Multiple Orders – including those from other companies.
  • Lost Dasher.
  • System glitch.

This post will discuss all the reasons that may force the DoorDash driver to change his route. Also, you will learn the process of tracking the order and contacting customer support.

Order Processing at DoorDash

When you place an order on the app, the system will notify the relevant restaurant, and an estimated delivery time will be presented to you.

The order is processed in three stages. The first stage presents the food preparation time, denoted as ‘restaurant is confirming the order.’ The next step is to pick up the order, and you will see ‘Dasher is at the restaurant’ on your screen.

The third stage sees the dasher delivering your food to you and is displayed as ‘Dasher is on the way.’

Tracking Your DoorDash Order

Tracking Doordash Order

As soon as the dasher enters the third stage, the app will start displaying the map to help you track the whereabouts of the dasher handling your delivery.

You can use your mobile phone or computer to keep track of your order. Log in to your DoorDash account and click ‘Help’ after selecting your order.

Next, find ‘Order Status’ in the window that opens and select the prompt ‘When is my order being delivered?” to know the updated estimate of delivery time.

Why Do DoorDash Drivers Go the Wrong Way?

Imagine tracking your food delivery, and you notice that something is not right and the driver is not going the right way. Is he running away with your food?

A couple of reasons can push a Dasher to go the wrong way, which include:

1. Double Dash

Double Dash

DoorDash allows customers to simultaneously place multiple orders from different locations through its new Double Dash feature.

It’s a win-win functionality that allows you to use a single app to get all your meals within one order and saves the company from the costs of multiple deliveries.

If your DoorDash driver is heading in the wrong direction after picking up your Double Dash order, he might be going to pick up a second order. If you have placed more than two orders, you will most likely experience such redirections.

2. Multiple Orders Deliveries on the Same Trip

Multiple Orders Deliveries

DoorDash allows the Dashers to pick up between one and five orders in a single trip. So, don’t be alarmed when the driver isn’t heading your way after picking up your order. Instead, he might be off to pick up or drop off another order.

Again, keep in mind that yours may be the last order after four orders. You can do things other than gluing your eyes to order tracking!

Multiple Orders and Double Dash

It’s easy to confuse Multiple Orders with Double Dash. Multiple order is for the dasher, allowing him to pick around five orders.

In contrast, the Double Dash is for customers; it allows them to place multiple orders from different places in one go.

3. A Glitch in the Tracking System

Gps Tracking Go Wrong

DoorDash uses reliable GPS to track and report order progress. But like any other application, it has its limitations.

For example, if you witness that the driver has gone off-track, it can indicate that he has taken multiple orders or is on his way to your home, but the tracker is not updating you about his route.

Especially when you witness the dasher stuck at a location for a long time, it might indicate a system glitch. If you have waited long enough, you can contact support to inquire about the order’s progress or ask to cancel it.

4. Stuck in Traffic

Stuck In Traffic

Another reason that may prompt drivers to change their route is to avoid traffic. This alternative route may appear strange to you and Google Maps, and you may assume that the dasher is going out of his way.

But it’s fairly normal for drivers – especially those who know their way around the locality.

Other road issues that may force a detour include road diversions because of ongoing construction and maintenance.

5. Lost the Way

Delivery Lost Way

Google Maps is the primary guide for Dashers when they are out to deliver food and groceries. It is a pretty reliable tool and works fine most of the time, but sometimes, it can lead the drivers to a dead end or fail to pinpoint the exact address they requested.

No need to worry; Dashers have their way of navigating this confusion. If your driver is lost, they will contact you via text or phone and confirm the delivery address.

6. Dasher Has Met an Accident

Meet An Accident

Although accidents are rare, the risk still lingers. So if you see your driver stuck at a location for some time and navigating in the wrong direction after that, assume that he met an accident.

Contacting the support team of DoorDash and inquiring about order status should rescue you from confusion and wait in this case.

7. Dasher Is Entertaining Deliveries for Other Food Delivery Companies

Dasher Entertaining Deliveries

DoorDash allows its drivers to pick up a maximum of five orders on a single trip allowing them to maximize their earnings from the deliveries. On average, these drivers earn $25 per hour.

Some Dashers may want to increase their hourly earnings by picking up more than five orders.

However, DoorDash’s limit on the number of orders or lack of enough orders on a given trip may force them to pick up orders from competing delivery companies.

This practice causes unpredictable and serious delays in food and grocery delivery to DoorDash customers. Again, if your order is too late and has gone cold or soggy, you may ask for a cancellation of your order by contacting support.

Not Allowed

DoorDash does not allow the Dashers to use other food delivery services simultaneously with DoorDash. If a driver is found doing this, he might face some consequences.

More Reasons for Delayed Delivery

There’s more to the story than just late drivers or wrong directions regarding delayed food or grocery deliveries.

Sometimes, the issue can be with processing at the restaurant you chose. But the good news is that the tracking system will give you the scoop on what’s causing the delay. So keep an eye on it!

Please pay attention to the estimated food preparation time for your restaurant, and expect your driver to pick it up after that time. But if, for some reason, the food hasn’t been processed yet, don’t hesitate to switch up your order or restaurant.

Reporting Late Deliveries

If your restaurant is taking too long or your dasher went off course, there is no need to worry; DoorDash has covered you. Just report the issue through the app by clicking the ‘Help’ button.

From there, select ‘Arrived Late’ under the ‘Delivery Issues’ menu and let the team handle the rest.

Use this complaint option to voice any concerns with the delivery time estimate or reach out to the dasher for a clearer understanding of the delay. Then, get things sorted out and on track seamlessly.

Final Word

DoorDash drivers may go the wrong way for various reasons. It can happen because you have placed two orders for food and drinks, and the driver has gone to pick up the second order after the first one.

Another reason is that the driver has received multiple orders for the same trip and will deliver your order after completing some of those.

You may also see the driver take the wrong route because of traffic issues or construction along the more preferred route.

Note that the driver’s wrong route is not the only reason behind late deliveries. Instead, the delay may also come from the restaurant, which took longer than usual to prepare food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do if Dasher Delivers My Order to the Wrong Address?

If a driver has gotten your order mixed up, you need to file a complaint to trigger a re-order or refund. Contact support and report ‘Order never arrived’ in the ‘Delivery Issues’ menu.

Can I Contact the Dasher During a Delivery?

You can reach out to the dasher any time after they have picked up your order and before they drop it off at your location. In addition, you can use the in-app chat feature to text or call your dasher.

How Do Dashers Know the Route?

Dashers use Google Maps to reach their destination. This app not only helps with finding the best route for them, but it also helps with navigation through traffic.

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