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How Much Do Uber Eats Walkers Make?

Uber Eats Walkers

Working as an Uber Eats walker has become increasingly popular, allowing individuals to earn money by delivering food on foot; however, you may be curious about how much money they can make.


As an Uber Eats walker, you can make roughly $200 daily by delivering for approximately 8 hours, which equals $25 per hour. So according to this calculation, you can earn a whopping $6,000 monthly.

However, the exact amount can vary depending on various factors, including location, demand, and time of day.

Below, we have broken down the typical pay range for Uber Eats walkers so you know how much realistically you can make.

Earnings Potential of Uber Eats Walkers

Potential Of Uber Eats Walkers

Uber Eats was introduced in 2015 as a food delivery platform that allows customers to order food from restaurants and deliver it to their doorstep.

As the platform grew, so did the demand for delivery partners. This led to new job opportunities, such as Uber Eats walkers.

These walkers are individuals who deliver food on foot, as opposed to using a vehicle.

While being an Uber Eats walker can be a convenient way to earn money, it’s essential to understand your expected amount and determine if this job fits your financial goals and lifestyle.

Roughly, many Uber Eats walkers can make more or less $25 per hour, which could translate to earning approximately $200 daily for 8 hours of work.


The average pay for a single delivery starts at about $3. However, if you operate in a busy neighborhood, you can take advantage of boost and surge pricing.

Also, you can accumulate more and more tips, ranging from a few cents to even dollars. Uber will charge a small commission, and that’s it. The rest of the amount is yours.

You won’t pay any vehicle charges or parking fees and still earn more than minimum wage in the US.


The walkers must buy a food bag, as Uber does not give it for free.

Breakdown of How Much Uber Eats Walkers Make

The amount of money Uber Eats walkers can vary depending on several factors. Understanding them and how they affect your earnings can help you make the right decisions and maximize your earnings.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Uber Eats walker’s earnings:

1. Fare & Uber Fee

Uber Fare

The fare is critical to an Uber Eats walker’s earnings. This is the amount the customer pays for their food order, from which Uber takes a percentage as their fee.

The fee is typically around 30-35% of the total fare, but it can vary depending on the market. Uber uses the fee to cover operational costs and improve customer service.

The walkers receive the rest of this fare as their earnings.


Uber Eats walkers are mostly available in large cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Vancouver.

2. Boost


Boost is a feature available to Uber Eats walkers that allows them to earn more money during specific times or in particular areas.

The feature works by offering a percentage increase on top of the regular delivery fee. This increase is applied to the base fare of an order. So the higher the fare, the more you earn as a Uber Eats walker.

When a Boost opportunity becomes available, Uber Eats sends notifications to walkers in the specific area.

The Boost percentage can vary from 1.1x to 2.0x, depending on the location and time of day. For example, if the base delivery fee for an order is $5, and the Boost percentage is 1.5x, the walker would earn $7.50 for completing that order.

This is an excellent opportunity to earn more money, especially during busy times, holidays, and weekends.


Availability of Boost opportunities can vary, and walkers are not guaranteed always to receive a Boost.

3. Tip


Tips are a way for customers to show appreciation for the service provided by an Uber Eats walker. For example, when placing an order on the Uber Eats app, they can leave a tip for their delivery partner.

The tip amount can range from a few cents to several dollars; however, this is entirely an optional action of the customer.


Uber Eats does not take any share of tips earned by walkers, so the full tip goes directly to them.

4. Surge

Uber Eats App

Surge is a dynamic pricing feature in the Uber Eats app that adjusts the delivery fees based on the level of demand.

When there is a high demand for food delivery in a particular location, the delivery fees increases, resulting in higher earnings for the walkers.

This incentivizes more walkers to accept orders in high-demand areas, ensuring customers receive their food promptly. The surge in urban and densely populated neighborhoods is usually higher than in rural areas.

During peak meal times such as lunch and dinner, the demand for food delivery tends to be higher. This also results in a higher surge.

Similarly, the surge amount may be higher during special events or holidays as more people order food delivery.

As a walker, surge pricing can greatly increase your pay, resulting in significantly higher earnings per order.


Surge pricing is not a guarantee, and there may be times when it’s not in effect.

Documents Required To Become an Uber Eats Walker

To become an Uber Eats walker, you must meet specific requirements and provide certain documents, which may vary by location.

Some of the typical requirements and documents include:

  1. Age: Your minimum age must be 18 years old to deliver food as an Uber Eats walker.
  2. Background check: Uber Eats will perform a background check, which includes a review of your driving record and criminal history. You must pass the background check to be approved as a walker.
  3. Identification: You must provide a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, or national ID card.
  4. Proof of address: You may be required to provide a utility bill or other document that verifies your address.
  5. Bank account information: You must provide your banking information to receive payments for your Uber Eats deliveries.


In this article, we’ve figured out how much Uber Eats walkers make and their potential earning opportunities. We’ve also discussed the requirements and documents needed to become an Uber Eats walker.

We hope this information has provided a clear insight to you if you’re looking for a side hustle to earn extra income or start a full-time career in the food delivery industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Receive Payments for My Uber Eats Deliveries?

As an Uber Eats walker, you will receive delivery payments directly to your bank account.

Once you’ve completed a delivery, the earnings for that delivery, including any tips, will be added to your Uber Eats account balance. You can then transfer your earnings to your bank account using the Uber Eats app.

Can I Choose Which Deliveries To Accept?

You can choose the deliveries to accept through the Uber Eats app.

You will receive information about each delivery, such as the restaurant, the customer’s location, and the estimated earnings, and can decide whether to accept or decline.

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