Who Makes Target Concrete Saws?

Target Concrete Saw

Being a constructor, you may have used Target concrete saws for cutting strong and thick layers of concrete, but you might never wonder who makes this exceptional tool.


Target concrete saws are manufactured by “Target Products Limited,” a subsidiary of “Quikrete” that provides various construction and repair products.

This company is one of the biggest suppliers and makers of building equipment in Canada and the United States.

To clarify things, we will discuss who makes Target concrete saws, their manufacturer’s background, and why builders trust this equipment.

Who Manufactures Target Concrete Saws?

Concrete saws are essential for cutting concrete and masonry, allowing for precise and efficient cuts in construction and renovation projects.

Target concrete saws are produced by Target Products Limited, a sister company of a big giant in the cement industry, “Quikrete.”

Quikrete was founded in 1940 in the United States. At that time, the company only manufactured raw construction materials, like cement, sand, concrete, etc.

Moving forward in 1961, the organization felt they needed to provide complete construction solutions, so they started a new venture known as “Target Products Limited” and made heavy-duty equipment such as concrete saws.

Target construction tools are widely used in Canada and the United States.


Target has a corporate sales office in Burnaby, BC, and operates production facilities in various locations, including Abbotsford, Calgary, Morinville, Winnipeg, and Olympia, WA.

Why Builders Trust Target Concrete Saws?

Target Concrete Saw

Target states that quality control is key to success in any endeavor, so they try to keep preciseness and research top-notch. Here are a few reasons why Builders trust Target Concrete Saws:

1. Durability

Target uses the best steel, electronics, and blades, which makes the concrete saws durable and long-lasting. This allows them to withstand the demanding conditions of construction sites.


Target runs internal quality control processes and external laboratory cross-checks for the highest quality assurance level. Even their mobile laboratories have proper research equipment.

2. Performance

Target Concrete saws can make efficient and precise cuts, which helps save time and increase productivity. Moreover, these saws are tough enough to work in any atmosphere or temperature.

3. Customer Support

Target provides excellent customer support and offers parts and repair services, giving builders peace of mind knowing they can get their concrete saws fixed if needed. Additionally, the pricing of the parts is also reasonable.

4. Innovation

Target continuously invests in research and development to improve its concrete saws and stay ahead of the competition, which can benefit builders who want the latest and most excellent tools.


The direct contact between Target’s technical and marketing teams helps them in the product research process and delivery of state-of-the-art materials.


This article discussed who makes Target concrete saws and explored the company’s ideology behind manufacturing this tool.

We hope the next time you use or see a Target concrete saw on your construction project, the company’s heritage will blink in your mind, and you will have clarity about why people prefer this saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Walk-Behind Target Concrete Saw?

A Walk-Behind Target Concrete Saw cuts concrete and other masonry materials.

This design helps the operator to maneuver the machine easily by pushing rather than mounting it on a vehicle or trailer.

What Are the Best Target Concrete Saws?

Target Pro 65 III concrete saw is one of the latest and most powerful concrete cutting machines in 2023. It has a walk-behind design, a 65-hp gas engine, and a self-propelled function.

Does Target Provide Concrete Saws on Rent?

No, Target does not provide concrete saws for rent; however, there are retailers and construction companies where you can rent them out.

Are Target Concrete Saws Self-Propelled?

Yes, all the Target concrete saws are self-propelled except the mini concrete saws. A self-propelled saw can lift easily from the front resulting in easy moving and quick blade change.

How Much Power Does a Target Concrete Saw Have?

Target Pro 65 III concrete saw is the most powerful machine with a 65 hp gasoline engine, and on other, the other hand, the least powerful concrete saw is Target MC 18 with a four hp Honda gas engine.

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