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What POS System Does Home Depot Use?

Home Depot Pos System

The rise of technology brought convenience and comfort to many customers and employees over the years. For example, the traditional checkout method uses a system where barcodes are scanned and information is interpreted.

As years passed, more innovative systems were being incorporated by companies worldwide.

Home Depot goes beyond the traditional checkout systems, using self-checkout stations and mobile checkout platforms. But what POS system does Home Depot use?


Home Depot uses POS systems that incorporate technology from different companies. These companies include Microsoft, NCR Corp., Fujitsu, and 360 Commerce.

This article discusses what POS systems Home Depot uses for inventory management. Moreover, we discuss Home Depot’s self-checkout machines and its mobile POS. Read on!

Home Depot Pos System

Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank founded Home Depot in 1978. Many years have passed, and the hardware store has been leading the retail industry and the home improvement niche.

Home Depot has 2,300 all over North America. Since the 2000s, Home Depot has used a Point of Sale System integrating innovation from Microsoft Corp, Fujitsu, 360 Commerce Inc, and NCR Corp.

StockWise Inventory Management Solutions

Stockwise Inventory Management Solutions

Home Depot tracks its inventory with a complex program. This management system calculates the potential volume of supplies sold throughout the year.

This enables the company to order only what is needed instead of having a surplus or shortage of goods.

Home Depot uses StockWise Inventory Management Solutions, which executes stock control, organization, administration, and restocking. Such an inventory management system differs from an RFID system.

Radio Frequency Identification uses Wi-Fi and scanning of barcodes or chips and can be a better fit for larger stores.

POS Hardware

Pos Hardware

In 2010, Home Depot integrated touchscreen self-checkout stations that printed receipts and provided smooth maintenance.

1. Ncr Machines

When Home Depot established NCR machines in their stores in 2010, customers could check out independently. This increased the company’s checkout efficiency by about 20%.

2. Fujitsu Software

While the Home Depot Self-Checkout machines were made by NCR Corp. hardware, the machines run with Fujitsu Software. Such software increases the speed of these machines.

3. Framework

Home Depot IT authorities say that the self-checkout machines run on 360 Commerce Framework.

Mobile Point of Sale System

Mobile Point Of Sale System

Mobile POS allows customers to make payments through their phones. This makes it convenient for customers to shop without the long checkout queues. Over 30,000 devices are being used for Home Depot’s mobile POS.

Home Depot established mobile POS within its stores in 2014.


Home Depot uses a POS system with Microsoft, NCR Corp, 360 Commerce, and Fujitsu technology. In addition, the company uses StockWise Inventory Management Solutions to organize and create projections for its inventory.

Moreover, Home Depot uses mobile POS and self-checkout stations to improve efficiency in operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Information System Does Home Depot Use?

Home Depot uses Google Cloud. The company has been a Google Cloud customer since 2016.

What POS System Does Lowe’s Use?

Lowe’s uses the BEETLE POS (Point of Sale) System.

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