What To Wear To Target Orientation?


Congratulations on making it to the Target team!

One of the “Great Place to Work” certified companies, Target is well known for its awesome work culture & benefits.

Now that you have been selected and invited for orientation day, there’s one question that’s likely to be in your mind, and that is “What to wear for Target orientation.”


Target orientation day is organized to help new employees and trainees understand Target’s work culture, ethics & policies.

It’s a great way to know more about the company and what they expect from you—an opportunity to create a positive impression about yourself with the management at Target and your colleagues.

  • Red is the color of choice for orientation day.
  • You can pair your shirt with khakis/blue jeans.

In this post, we share details on how you are expected to dress up on the Target Orientation Day and what you should avoid.

No worries, we’ve got you covered on that front in this post. Read on to know what you should ideally wear to your Target orientation.

Target Orientation


As part of its employee onboarding formalities, Target organizes an orientation day, wherein it briefs the new employees on the work practices and policies of Target.

It helps the employees understand what is expected of them and how to interact with customers and behave on the shop floor.

The employees are shown training videos about the organization and business. An orientation session usually lasts 3 – 4 hours.

Post the video session, a tour of a store or shop floor is also organized for the employees.

The orientation session also involves a lot of paperwork. You are expected to carry all your relevant educational/work-related documents.

All employees who are joining the organization are expected to attend the orientation.

What To Wear To Target Orientation


Since it will be a big day for you, seeing that it’s your first interaction with your future managers and colleagues, you should create a positive impression about yourself.

The dress code we suggest for Target orientation is:

  • Short or long sleeve shirts. It can be any color, but red would be the best choice as it’s the color employees wear on the shop floor.
  • Khaki pants or blue jeans.
  • Pants/leggings that are longer than mid-thigh.
  • Sweat pants, even yoga pants, are allowed.
  • Shuttered shoes.

We suggest you aim for a casual, professional look that helps you blend in comfortably within the organization.

Make sure your clothing is comfortable and suitable for at least 2 -3 hours.

What To Avoid at the Target Orientation


While Target is quite flexible with its dressing norms, there are some standards that it expects its employees to follow. As a future employee, it would be good to start following the norms from the orientation day itself.

We recommend the following steps when you are attending the orientation.

  • There should be no excessive trademarks, slogans, rips, or holes in your clothing.
  • The clothing needs to be clean and presentable.
  • Hooded shirts/jackets are not allowed in the warehouse. Avoid those if you have been selected for a warehouse position.
  • Most importantly, you are expected to show up sober for the orientation.

Remember, the first impression is always the last, so avoid wearing anything that may look too excessive or unprofessional.

This especially applies to the people selected for the shop floor and are expected to interact with customers regularly.


Target orientation is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the organization and your future colleagues, so make sure you make the most of it.

Also, be prepared to enjoy yourself as you interact with others.

Use it as a learning experience to familiarize yourself with your shop floor and the basic amenities available so you can refer to them quickly when needed.

Keep your dress code simple and ensure it is comfortable for you.

If possible, use a red color t-shirt or shirt along with khaki pants or blue jeans, as it will help you blend right in with the rest of the Target team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Formal Dress Code for the Target Orientation?

No, there is no formal dress code for the Target orientation. You can wear what you like; ensure it is clean and not wrinkled.

Is Red the Official Dress Code of Target?

Yes. All Target employees on the shop floor are expected to wear a red top/shirt with khaki pants or blue jeans.

For those assigned to the office or warehouse, the dress code may differ and may not require you to wear red.

Do I Need To Wear a Suit to the Orientation?

No. You do not need to wear a suit to the orientation; your dress can be casual. Jeans and tees are allowed.

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