How To Store Subway Sandwich Overnight

How To Store Subway Sandwich Overnight

Being a fan of Subway’s sandwiches, you might have struggled with the leftovers to keep them fresh for the next day.


If you want to store your Subway sandwich for longer than 2 hours or overnight, wrap it tightly in a paper towel, followed by aluminum foil, or refrigerate it in an airtight container to preserve the freshness.

Ordering your sauces separately or asking the sandwich maker not to toast your sandwich are good ideas to store your Sub safely for all night.

To explain things better, we’ve discussed storing your Subway sandwich overnight to make it taste as you have just bought it.

How Can I Store My Subway Sandwich Overnight?

How Can I Store My Subway Sandwich Overnight

Subway is an American fast-food restaurant franchise that offers various kinds of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and drinks.

Having a wide variety of ingredients in their stores, from meats to different types of cheese to all your favorite toppings, you can name it, and they will add it.

A Regular Sub sandwich from Subway is a minimum of 6 inches long. However, if you are a big eater, you can also go for their Giant menu, which includes sandwiches that are up to 3 ft and 6 ft long with the benefit of customizing your toppings.

Whether you are having a Regular Sub or a Giant one, it may become a problem if you do not eat all of it in one go and have to store it overnight. So, not knowing the best ways to preserve your sandwiches can make the bread soggy and the meat inside rancid.

For that reason, we will explore the following solutions to help you store your Subway sandwiches for longer.


Subway has chicken, beef, and turkey in their meat section, and they also offer 10+ vegetarian-friendly options in all of their stores globally.

1. Wrapping Your Sandwich in a Paper Towel and Aluminum Foil

Wrapping Your Sandwich In A Paper Towel And Aluminum Foil

If your sandwich is still warm and you do not intend to finish it, set it aside for some minutes at room temperature, then bring a paper towel and tightly wrap the sandwich with it.

After that, take an aluminum foil, rewrap your sandwich, and fold it securely. Then you can either keep it at room temperature all night or refrigerate it till you eat it after warming it up in the morning.


Aluminum foil is the best option for keeping food fresh for extended periods because it locks the moisture and aroma inside.

2. Keeping Your Sandwich in an Airtight Container

Keeping Your Sandwich In An Airtight Container

Having an airtight container instead of aluminum foil is also life-saving when you want to keep your sandwich. It also helps in traveling with your stored sandwiches which you can enjoy at any time.

First, ensure the container is airtight, and then keep your sandwich inside, preferably with its wrapper on. This technique works well if you refrigerate the container overnight and then warm up your sandwich in a microwave the next day.


You should never heat your food in containers that are not microwave-friendly because not only can they cause harmful effects on your health due to absorbed radiation, but they also can melt or start a fire.

3. Ordering Your Sauces Separately

Ordering Your Sauces Separately

When you already have plans not to eat your Subway sandwich on the day you buy it, or if you are going to take it on a picnic the day after, it would be wise to order all your desired sauces separately from the sandwich.

By following this simple trick, you can easily store your pre-made Sub overnight without worrying about the bread or any ingredients absorbing the sauces and ruining the taste of your sandwich.

4. Tell Your Sandwich Maker Not To Toast Your Sandwich

Tell Your Sandwich Maker Not To Toast Your Sandwich

Along with ordering sauces separately, you can go the extra mile to ask for an untoasted sandwich if you are not eating it immediately.

Why? Because wrapping a hot toasted sandwich results in the accumulation of moisture in bread and ingredients, which makes it hard to store overnight.


You should not keep your sandwiches in the refrigerators for more than three days because, after an extended time, the taste and ingredients start to deteriorate, causing fungus or bread molds in your food.


In this guide, we have discussed how to store your Subway sandwich overnight and keep it fresh for the next day.

We hope that you can now buy your Subs whenever you want or leave them uneaten without worrying about how to preserve them for later. But it would be best if you never forgot to keep the subs in a refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if a Subway Sandwich Has Become Bad?

If you notice a weird smell coming from your sandwich or the ingredients look fishy, it’s a sign that your Subway sandwich has gone bad.

How Long Can I Leave a Subway Sandwich Outside?

You should eat your sandwich immediately after you buy it. However, if it’s impossible, leave it outside at room temperature for about 2 to 3 hours.

If you plan to eat them later than 3 hours, it is preferable to keep them inside a refrigerator.

How Much Does a 6-Inch Turkey Sub Cost at Subway?

You can get a 6-inch turkey breast sandwich or a Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham sandwich at $4.25 at all Subway stores.

What Is Subway Famous For?

Subway has the best game in submarine sandwiches, having chains in more than 44,000 locations worldwide.

You will find everything at Subway, from different sandwiches to wraps. With thousands of options in its ingredients to customizing your combinations, Subway has become a nutritious fast-food choice.

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