How Late Do DoorDash Drivers Work?

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DoorDash delivery is a savior for many people working late at night. Have you reached the city on a late-night flight and wondering if DoorDash drivers are available for food delivery?

How late do DoorDash drivers deliver? They serve as long as there is work volume and the restaurants are open. It means the DooDash drivers can fulfill your late-night orders. Let us see how helpful the DoorDash drivers are.


DoorDash is a delivery service app that works 24/7 throughout the week. The best part is you get their service even during the holidays, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year.

Night deliveries have become stress-free with DoorDash delivery service, but there are certain factors on which the delivery depends:

  • Number of DoorDash drivers available
  • Specific Day of the Week
  • Number of restaurants open and available

Do you have several questions in mind, like what are the services offered by DoorDash, how far do the DoorDash drivers deliver, and why some drivers avoid delivery at night? Keep reading!

How long does DoorDash deliver? Although DoorDash is available for delivery 24 hours, some factors automatically cease their service. What are they?

How often do you need DoorDash service? Why are the DoorDash drivers late? Get all your questions answered in this article.

Until What Time DoorDash Drivers Deliver?

Are you craving some late-night snacks? Do you know DoorDash controls 45% of the food delivery market in the US? Order at DoorDash for easy and quick deliveries.

How long is DoorDash serviceable? Are the drivers available late at night? Yes! DoorDash is available 24×7.

More rightly said, it varies from one city to the other and usually depends on the city market. It takes 40 minutes and 12 seconds for the DoorDash drivers to deliver after receiving an order.

DoorDash service is available until the restaurants in the city are open. If the restaurants are closed, DoorDash service has no reason to be available automatically.

In big cities, restaurants and DoorDash remain open until 1 or 2 in the morning. Whereas, in small towns, 10-11 p.m. is the last time to order. If the restaurants in your area are not closed, then DoorDash also keeps working.

There are no days when DoorDash is closed, not even on festivals or holidays. It works 365 days 24×7. Whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year, DoorDash is always at your service.

Factors Affecting DoorDash Deliveries

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What are the factors that affect DoorDash deliveries? When does DoorDash become unavailable, or why are deliveries late?

The door dashers are independent contractors. They have the flexibility to work as per their schedule. Dashing is allowed throughout the day and night, but getting a response or unavailability is due to various factors:

1. Not Enough Drivers

Why are the drivers late or DoorDash unavailable? The unavailability of DoorDash is often due to the drivers. The drivers work according to their flexibility.

Often they close between 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. and again open between 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. as per the availability of the restaurant and essential service businesses.

Another reason is poor weather; fewer drivers hit the road. This process delays the delivery and even causes unavailability in certain areas and heavy rush in others.

So the areas where drivers are available, DoorDash is also in service, but where there are no drivers, DoorDash becomes unavailable in those locales.

2. Peak Time Orders

DoorDash demand and supply are usually during lunch, dinner, late nights, and weekends. These are the peak hours when DoorDash drivers are extremely busy.

If drivers are already delivering in certain areas, your order might get delayed, or DoorDash might be unserviceable for some time to take care of the already scheduled deliveries. You may order a little early to avoid delays or inaccessibility.

3. Specific Day of the Week

In small cities, there’s often a day off for restaurants because not many customers or orders come in.

They remain open during the weekends and keep the restaurants closed on a particular day, making DoorDash unserviceable.

4. Not Tipping the Driver

Some DoorDash drivers deliver late when no tip gets added to their order. Suppose you ordered food on DoorDash after returning from a business trip late at night. There are possibilities for the driver to be intentionally late as you forgot to add a tip.

Tipping your driver beforehand can speed up the food delivery process. Although, it is only possible if the restaurants in your area deliver that late.

5. Far Away Delivery

Have you ordered food from some faraway restaurant? It can delay your order because not only do the drivers need to travel farther to deliver. They are supposed to drive back to their specific DoorDash zone as well.

It is always good to add incentives to your drivers who take the pains for the ride to and fro when ordering from far away restaurants.

6. Restaurants Available

You may avoid late deliveries by checking the number of restaurants available at night and ordering from the nearest one with great reviews on the list.

For example, if you order late from Mcdonald’s on the weekends, your order will take much time to reach you. Ordering from a less popular restaurant can help the Dashers reach you faster.

Most of the restaurants are closed by 11 p.m. Therefore, DoorDash drivers also become unavailable. So, try to schedule your order early or keep looking for restaurants that can deliver without fuss.

How Far Can DoorDash Deliver?

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DoorDash delivery distance depends completely on the restaurant’s decision. The delivery distance from the restaurant can be 5 miles or more. They may decide to serve people living far away.

DoorDash will depend on the delivery distance of the customer from the restaurant they mention and the number of available drivers.

Services Provided by DoorDash

  • Deliver the meal to you from your favorite eateries.
  • Right from essentials to groceries, DoorDash delivers to your doorstep.
  • Highly well-managed scheduled delivery.
  • Follow your exact order.
  • Get no-contact delivery.
  • Easy and convenient mode of payment.
  • 24×7 prescription and alcohol delivery service that’s not contactless.


In Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and other major cities, DoorDash works 24/7 effectively. You can find a Dasher any time of the day. People often work late to earn some extra money apart from their jobs.

In rural areas, people go off to sleep early. So, it becomes difficult to find a driver even if a place is open. DoorDash is available in 850 towns and cities across North America.

Now that you know the DoorDash services, why are the drivers late or DoorDash unavailable, and the area they can deliver, schedule your order early or as per your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Considered Late Delivery On DoorDash?

Eleven minutes is the deadline. If the Dasher reaches the drop-off or pick-up points after the time mentioned by DoorDash, the driver receives a contract violation for being exceptionally late.

What Is the Slowest DoorDash Day?

Studies and surveys show that Monday and Tuesday are the slowest DoorDash days. During these two days, people prepare to get the week started and usually do not order or use delivery services.

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