What Does a USPS Window Clerk Do?

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If you’ve got the opportunity or looking to work as a Window clerk at USPS, you may want to know about the job responsibilities beforehand to see if you are fit for the role.


The USPS window clerk’s primary job responsibilities are:

  • Assisting customers
  • Processing mail and packages
  • Selling postal cards and services
  • Processing passport fees and money orders
  • Managing financial and other records

To help you understand better, we’ll discuss what a USPS window clerk does and the duties associated with their job description.

Duties of USPS Window Clerk

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The USPS is an independent agency that provides postal service across the country.

The company was established on July 1, 1971, and now employs over 7.5 million people with postal service delivery to over 157 million addresses.

Among other job roles or designations in the USPS, the window clerk is the most significant as they interact with the customers and perform various other tasks.

If you want to work as a USPS window clerk, you should know the associated responsibilities to see if you can do the job correctly.

1. Assisting Customers

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As a USPS window clerk, one of your primary responsibilities is assisting visitors with mail or parcel sending or receiving queries.

This includes selecting the correct type of postage for the mail, tracking packages, and answering any questions they may have about the postal service.

2. Processing Mail and Packages

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You are also responsible for processing incoming/outgoing mail or packages and must verify the item’s weight, size, and destination to determine the correct postage rate.

You should proficiently use the postal service’s computer systems as a window clerk. This includes inputting data of the customer’s mail/package accurately and ensuring it is processed quickly.

In addition, you are responsible for sorting and organizing the mail items according to destination.

Also, you need to identify the correct zip code and ensure it is routed to the appropriate processing center or post office.


USPS window clerks use scanning and tracking systems to track packages so that they are delivered to the correct address.

3. Selling Postal Products and Services

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While sending the mail/package, the customers have to purchase USPS standard products and services.

For this, you working at USPS must identify the postage stamp according to their domestic or international need and provide pricing information based on weight and destination.

In addition, you have to identify the correct shipment form for the customer’s mail/package, including boxes, envelopes, and packing materials, and recommend the most suitable method based on the size and weight of the parcel they are sending.

4. Money Order and Passport Processing

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You are responsible for explaining to the customers the process for purchasing and using money orders and providing information about all the fees involved.


You can check the money order status online by visiting their website.

Moreover, customers can also ask you for passport processing fees, and you need to guide them with information about the various requirements for obtaining it.

5. Managing Financial and Other Records

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As a USPS window clerk, you will help check customer records saved in the USPS system’s database, including physical forms, files, organized paperwork, and documentation.

Aside from this, you’ll check the budgetary records of the service the customers purchased.

You are also responsible for accurately recording all financial transactions in the computer database, including the sale of postage stamps, money orders, and other postal products and services.


USPS window clerk balances the cash and performs other financial tasks to ensure that the post office’s financial records are accurate.

As a window clerk, you must keep track of the customer’s package or mail, ensuring that it is delivered correctly or returned successfully and updating the record accordingly.

Moreover, you’ll need to document visitors’ inquiries or complaints, including the steps you will take to resolve them.


In this article, we’ve discussed what a USPS window clerk does, along with the various associated responsibilities.

After reading this guide, we hope you can now decide if you can handle the job at USPS as a window clerk and make an informed decision about applying to the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Check My USPS History?

You can check your USPS history by logging into your account at the USPS website.

Your USPS online portal can be a helpful tool for tracking packages, managing your shipping history, and ensuring your personal information is current.

How Long Are USPS Tracking Records Kept?

USPS Tracking Service will keep your record for 120 days and Signature Confirmation Service for one year.

Moreover, Priority Mail Express Service, Certified Mail Service, Registered Mail Service and numbered International Mail Services will keep your record for two years.

What Is Top Pay for a USPS Clerk?

USPS window clerk payment varies according to experience. Top earners earn around $62,500, the 75th percentile earns approximately $44,500, and the average gets $40,872 annually.

What Is the Typical Work Schedule for a USPS Window Clerk?

USPS window clerks typically work full-time schedules, including evenings and weekends. They may also be required to work overtime during peak mailing periods.

What Skills Are Required for a USPS Window Clerk?

A USPS window clerk must possess strong customer service skills, organizational skills, attention to detail, computer skills, and physical stamina.

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