What is the Most Expensive Thing Walmart Sells?

Most Expensive Thing Walmart Sells

Got some extra cash lying around? Like, piles of it? You can’t take those fat stacks with you.

Here are some of the most expensive things Walmart sells. Take a look, and see if any of these items speaks to you.


The most expensive item from Walmart’s website is a white gold diamond tennis bracelet. Priced at $182,582.55, this diamond tennis bracelet costs as much as many people’s homes.

The bracelet is made by a company called Primal Gold.

The product description reads, “Add sparkle to your wrist with this diamond tennis bracelet in 14-karat white gold.

Boasting impressive round diamonds of VS2/SI1 clarity weighing 17.094 CTTW, this 7-inch long and 7.5mm wide bracelet encloses with a box catch closure. This bracelet is sure to add graceful elegance to your style.”

While the Primal Gold tennis bracelet is the most expensive item at Walmart, it’s by no means the only eye-popping expensive thing.

Let’s look at some other products Walmart sells that might set you back more than your last paycheck.

Though Walmart is known for its popular ad campaigns that boast “everyday low prices” and promises to “roll back the prices,” there are several shockingly expensive items for sale there.

Let’s take a look at some of the priciest things Walmart sells.

The History of Walmart

History Of Walmart

Walmart is one of the most massive retailers in the world. With 10,586 locations in 24 countries, Walmart has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Rogers, Arkansas. Walmart was started in 1962 by Sam Walton and James Walton.

The typical Walmart supercenter sells around 150,000 various items, while Walmart’s website has more than 35 million listings. That’s an enormous amount of product, and we’ve filtered through it to discover some of the priciest things Walmart sells.

The Most Expensive Items at Walmart

Most Expensive Items At Walmart

The diamond tennis bracelet is the only six-figure item on this list. But Walmart sells many pricey items, some of which hit five digits.

Let’s see what other expensive items Walmart sells to us:

1. Omega Watch – $22,350

Omega Watch

Need to elevate your wristwear game? Grab yourself an Omega Constellation with silver, diamonds, and white gold.

Grab one for each wrist. Go ahead. You deserve it.

This women’s watch was made and engineered in Switzerland, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends when you strap it to your wrist.

The watch face is studded with diamonds, and there are diamonds to indicate the positions of the hour. Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds – this piece is glitzy, glam, and fabulous.

2. Summer Waves Pool – $1,999.99

Summer Waves Pool

Coming in at just under a cool two grand, this above-ground pool could help take your summer to the next level. In addition, it’s a complete kit, so you won’t need to worry about purchasing supplies or additional equipment.

Get your hose out, fill the pool to the brim, put on your bathing suit, and hop in.

The pool is thirty-two feet long and sixteen feet wide. It holds almost 9,000 gallons of water to beat the summer heat in style.

3. Steelflex MG300B Home Gym – $7,399.00

Steelflex Mg300B Home Gym

Ready to get your pump on?

The Steelflex MG300B home gym can help you bulk up. If it’s leg day, the Steelflex has several ways to tone those thighs, quads, glutes, and calves. Protein shakes are sold separately.

If you need to beef up your chest and back, there are stations for that.

And, if your arms and shoulders need some love, the Steelflex can help you there, too. This is such good quality and is used in commercial gyms.

For only $7,399, can you afford not to buy one?

4. MSI Raider GE76 – $10,129.00

Msi Raider Ge76

You’ve come to the right place if you’re in the market for a gaming laptop that costs as much as a car. The MSI Raider GE76 will set you back five figures, priced at $10,129.00

But think of how much computing power that ten grand will buy you. Your gaming friends won’t know what hit them – you’ll be the top dog in whatever game you play. Lag will be a thing of the past with this puppy.

It’s probably really fast for spreadsheets, too.

5. LifeSmart Hot Tub – $3,502.99

Lifesmart Hot Tub

Melt your troubles away in the LifeSmart hot tub. This bad boy has jets and everything. It also plugs into a standard 110 electrical outlet, so you won’t need to call an electrician to run 220 power.

Twelve hydrotherapy jets will leave you feeling like a new person. And if the jets don’t, the bucket seating will.

Everyone will want to come to your house for a soak. Who doesn’t love hot tubs? So pull the trigger; it’ll be the best $3,502.99 you’ve ever spent.

6. Barrel Sauna – $6,799.00

Barrel Sauna

While we’re on the topic of ways to stay warm outdoors, this barrel sauna offered by Walmart is $6,799.00. It fits six people – that’s impressive since most saunas only fit four. And it’s made from cedar; it probably smells fantastic.

There have been scores of studies on the benefits of saunas. They’re great for sleep, skin, and circulation, can reduce stress, and have many other benefits. So sweat out the bad stuff in style with one of these bad boys.

Walmart offers three-day shipping on this as well. Like a hot tub, your home will become a magnet for friends and family if there’s a barrel sauna in the backyard.

7. Palram Canopia Grand Gardener Greenhouse – $5,099.00

Palram Canopia Grand Gardener Greenhouse

Who knew that you could buy a greenhouse off the internet? Brave new world, indeed.

If you’ve got a green thumb, and want to garden year-round, perhaps this greenhouse is the perfect solution. It boasts four roof vents, diffuses 90% of sunlight, and double doors.

At 8′ by 20′, this greenhouse offers tons of space for growing. So get your green beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes in this beauty.

Who knows? This might pay for itself if you can grow enough veggies in it. Better yet, set up a farm stand and sell your extra produce.

You’ll have enough dough to buy a diamond tennis bracelet in no time.

8. Samsung 98-Inch NEO QLED TV – $15,399.99

Samsung 98-Inch Neo Qled Tv

At 98″, this tv might be bigger than some movie theater screens. Is it a 4K smart tv? You know it.

Does it offer LED clear motion and Dolby digital speakers? Of course.

4 HDMI inputs, 2 USB inputs, and a four-year warranty. This tv is pretty much the diamond bracelet of televisions. You may never need to buy another television again.

Are you getting it into your home? You’re on your own there.

9. Clover 24 Light Brushed Nickel Chandelier – $7,092.90

Clover 24 Light Brushed Nickel Chandelier

This beauty is finished in nickel. Although it’s designed in the United States, it’s manufactured overseas. Seven grand doesn’t buy you what it used to, I guess.

The dimensions are 52.00 x 48.00 x 52.00 Inches. Measure your space and plan accordingly before you plop down the big bucks on a chandelier. You want to ensure the size is right.


Who knew Walmart had such pricey products? Walmart’s website lists several big-ticket items: a high-end watch, a seven-thousand-dollar chandelier, or an above-ground pool.

While its motto is “roll back the prices,” it seems Walmart forgot to roll back the prices on these products. So if you see anything here that you must have, call your credit card company – ask them to increase the limit on your card.

You’re going to need that extra wiggle room.

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