Who Makes Costco Toilet Paper?

Who Makes Costo Toilet Paper

When it comes to toilet paper, nothing compares to the ones at Costco, which might make you wonder who their manufacturers are.


The toilet paper at Costco is from a brand called “Kirkland,” which is made by Clearwater Paper Corporation. They are one of the only private labels in the USA that produces premium-quality tissue and paper products.

If you buy Costco toilet paper regularly and are a fan of its quality, we have written a short guide on who makes Costco toilet paper to help with your curiosity.

Who Makes Costco Toilet Paper?

Who Makes Costo Toilet Paper

Costco is one of the most popular stores in the United States, just behind Walmart and Amazon. They have more than 820 stores operating throughout the country with over 114.8 million members.


Costco sells about $192 billion worth of merchandise every year.

Since most of their earning come from membership costs, Costco offers products in bulk quantity at a very low price. However, the one item that makes it stand out from all the other brands is its toilet paper.

Due to its soft and absorbent material that is strong and septic-safe, Costco toilet paper is a staple in many households and is a product of a brand called “Kirkland.”


Apart from its toilet paper, this brand also has a wide variety of other household products like pet food, detergent, battery, decorative items, etc.

However, Kirkland does not manufacture its products and supplies them from different sources.

Since most of their business comes from toilet paper sales, Costco has not publicly revealed their Kirkland toilet paper manufacturers.

Disclosing the name would not only make them lose business from their customers, but it also risks the undercutting of their trade agreements by competitors.

However, some inside sources have speculated that the signature Costco toilet papers are made by the Clearwater Paper Corporation. It was founded in 2008; it is one of the only private brands in the US that produce sustainable and premium quality tissue and paper products.

Why Is Costco Toilet Paper Popular

There are multiple reasons why people love Costco toilet paper, and it’s their number one selling item. Let’s see a few of them.

1. Price


There is no doubt that the prices at Costco are much lower than at stores like Walmart and H-E-B. This is one of the factors that makes it so popular among customers.

Their toilet paper is also available at wholesale prices and lasts much longer than other brands.

A 31-extra long roll pack of toilet paper with 415-extra sheets from Costco can easily last an average two-person household for 209 days, 128 days more than any regular toilet paper.

2. Quality


The Costco Kirkland toilet papers are made from soft, absorbent material that feels good on the skin.

Furthermore, they are septic-safe, which prevents your toilet’s septic tank from clogging.

3. Width


Another reason most people prefer Costco toilet paper over the other brands is that their rolls have a width of 11cm, bigger than other brands. Unfortunately, this size also makes the Kirkland toilet paper last longer.


In this guide, we have discussed who makes Costco toilet paper and explored the quality, price, and size factors for its popularity.

Hopefully, you got what you were looking for and now know where Costco gets its high-quality toilet paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco Toilet Paper Have Chemicals?

Costco uses PCF, ECF, and chlorine dioxide to recycle and pulp their toilet paper.

Has Costco Toilet Paper Gotten Thinner?

The toilet paper from many brands like Angel Soft, Costco’s Kirkland, and Charmin has gotten thinner in the past couple of years.

Though the packages still have the same number of rolls, the quality seems reduced.

How Many Rolls of Toilet Paper Does Costco Sell per Year?

Being one of the biggest retail stores in the US, Costco sells over a billion rolls of toilet paper yearly.

Is Costco Toilet Paper Sustainable?

No. Costco toilet paper doesn’t use any recycled paper content and is made from 100% virgin forest fiber, so it’s neither sustainable nor environmentally friendly.

What Is Another Brand of Toilet Paper Compared to Kirkland?

Angel Soft toilet papers are similar to Kirkland’s and cost about 2 cents per square foot. However, the latter provides a better value for money because of the quality.

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