What Is the Code for Shoplifting in Walmart?

Security Camera In Use At Walmart.

Codes are efficient means of passing information to a person or group. Many businesses use codes for the effective movement of people and immediate response for certain situations. Retail associates are expected to know codes to execute their tasks and roles.

However, not all associates at Walmart know all of the codes. Sometimes, only security personnel or Many Asset Protection associates know of sensitive codes for security purposes. So when one tries to search the code for shoplifting at Walmart, can you know what it is?


There is no universal code for shoplifting at Walmart. Only specific associates are aware of this code for security purposes. Letting such a sensitive code be known to the public is a giveaway to shoplifters and puts the company and its people at risk.

In this article, we discuss what theft and shoplifting are and what happens if an individual shoplifts at Walmart. Furthermore, we talk more about the Walmart Shoplifting code. Read on!

Theft as a Criminal Act

Shoplifting is a theft-based criminal act that is punishable by law. Classification of the offense depends on the value of the stolen item and one’s criminal history of theft.

For shoplifting an item of fewer than 100 dollars with no previous records of shoplifting, the offense may be classified as a Class C Misdemeanor. This classification involves no jail time and a 500-dollar fine.

Theft and Shoplifting

Retail Shoplifting. Man Stealing In Supermarket. Theft At Shop

When you acquire the property of another without their permission and without the intention of returning the property, you are committing theft. Theft is a crime that involves stealing to deprive someone of their property.

Shoplifting is a form of theft. By definition, this form of theft is made in retail shops within operating hours.

Shoplifting at Walmart

The Kleptomania Concept, A Man In The Grocery Store Stealing Food And Put It In The Pocket

Walmart calls the cops when an act of shoplifting is formed. Typically, loss prevention officers handle shoplifting cases and detain a suspect until the arrival of law enforcement.

When the police arrive, you are under arrest, or law enforcement may issue a citation.

The Walmart Shoplifting Code

Sticker Magnetic Barcode Top View. Label For Acoustic Systems On A White Background. Anti-Theft Barcode Sticker.

Walmart does not have a universal shoplifting code. The Many Asset Protection group keeps such a code confidential for security purposes. If there were a universal code, shoplifters would easily know such code.

The Shoplifting code is not made known the Walmart associates. Rather, when sales associates suspect something suspicious, they kindly approach a customer if they need help looking for something.

This is enough to scare potential shoplifters. The next step is for associates to discreetly inform security personnel of the situation.

While there is no universal code for shoplifting at Walmart, Code 300 and Department, 51 may apply.

Code 300 and Department 51 is the code paired with an intended location. Such a code is primarily used for security threats and may be used for shoplifting situations, indicating security personnel’s immediate attention.


There is no universal shoplifting code for Walmart. However, the Code 300 and Department 51 codes can be used for threat issues, including shoplifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Code 11 at Walmart?

Code 11 means Pricing Overcharge.

What Is Code 3 at Walmart?

Code 3 is used for a missing child.

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