How To Apply Internally at Lowes

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If you are currently employed at Lowe’s and are interested in changing your job position, you may need to know whether internal job transfers are permitted and, if so, how to apply.


To apply internally at Lowe’s, follow these steps:

  • First, go to Lowe’s Employee portal and log in with your sales number and password.
  • Open the career opportunity section.
  • Enter your store’s four-digit code to filter out the jobs available internally.
  • Select your desired position and click “Apply.”
  • Fill out the information required and submit a survey at the end.

You can also apply internally at Lowe’s by filling out the application form at an in-store employment kiosk.

To guide you better, we have discussed how to apply internally at Lowe’s and valuable tips to assist you throughout the application process.

How To Apply Internally at Lowe’s

Lowe's Home Improvement

Lowe’s is a home improvement retail chain in the U.S. that sells various home renovation, decoration, and maintenance products.

The company has more than 2100 stores managed by 300,000+ employees with a practice of promoting the workers depending on their skills and experience gained inside the organization.


Lowe’s prioritizes filling job vacancies within the company by offering promotional opportunities to current employees instead of seeking new candidates to acquire the positions.

While applying for a job at Lowe’s for the first time, you may require filling out an extensive application form online or at an employment kiosk in Lowe’s stores.

Moreover, you may have to pass a drug test, background check, pre-employment aptitude test, and a series of interviews before getting hired for the first time at Lowe’s.

On the other hand, the application process for job promotion is simple at Lowe’s, whether you are currently working or a former employee and applying for another position inside the company.

There are two ways to apply internally for a job at Lowe’s; let’s discuss them individually so you can decide which method suits you.


You should first talk to your supervisor and HR to get insider information on upcoming job opportunities and avoid catching them off guard.

You can also speak to a similar-positioned employee to get a ground-level view of what to expect and what skills are essential in the interview.

1. Applying Manually With Lowe’s Employment Kiosk

Lowe's Employment Kiosk

Suppose you are currently working at Lowe’s and come across an internal job opportunity that suits you and matches your qualifications and requirements. In that case, you can visit the Lowe’s employment kiosk to apply for that position.

To do that, ask for the job application form at Lowe’s employment counter, fill out all the required information, and submit it to the representative there.


Always apply for an internal position at Lowe’s using an in-store terminal during a scheduled break, while off the clock, or only with your supervisor’s permission.

Neglecting your current duties for job hunting is not acceptable and could lead to problems with your manager.

2. Applying Online via Employee Portal

Applying Online On Lowe's Portal

The employment portal is the second way to apply for an internal job at Lowe’s. This way, you can complete the application process more smoother and quicker.


Lowe’s job application portal for new candidates differs from current employees, who can bypass the extensive profile questions asked in the initial hiring process and apply with less information instead.

To apply internally at Lowe’s using the employee portal, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, log in to your Lowe’s employee account by visiting Lowe’s employee portal.
  • Head to the job openings section and enter your respective four-digit store code.
  • Select your desired job and click apply.
  • Enter the necessary information required and hit submit.
  • Submit a compulsory survey at the end whether you are a new applicant or a current employee.

Lowe’s management will let you know shortly if you can be promoted to this position. Once selected, they may call you for the final interview.


The job application process via the employee portal is simple and short because you already submitted all the legal documentation and cleared all the tests when you first got hired at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s hiring team evaluates you on the experience and skills you gained at the job inside the organization and may give you preference over the new applicants.


Update your resume when applying through Lowe’s employment portal, as the system automatically fills out the initial hiring information you provide when you get hired for the first time.

The latest resume accurately reflects your current skills and experience and increases your chances of getting hired.


In this article, we discussed how to apply internally at Lowe’s, the dos and don’ts of the application process, and explored some practical tips you should follow while proceeding with your job application.

We hope you now understand both methods of applying for an internal job at Lowe’s and the importance of consulting with your supervisor and HR manager before submitting the job application form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Most Unchallenging Job at Lowes?

The cashier job is the most straightforward job at Lowe’s, with an hourly wage of $7.81 – $12.22.

What Is the Highest-Paid Job at Lowes?

With an average hourly pay of $22.59, the operations manager position at Lowe’s pays the most.

What Is the Minimum Age for Employment at Lowes?

To work at Lowe’s, you must be at least 18 years old, and the maximum age for employment is generally capped at 45 years.

How Often Does Lowe’s Pay?

Lowe’s pays its employees bi-weekly, which means they receive paychecks every two weeks. This results in 26 pay periods in a calendar year.

Is It Hard To Get Hired by Lowes?

Yes, Lowe’s gets almost 400,000 job applications annually, of which they only manage to provide 20,000 people with jobs. In other words, getting hired at Lowe’s can be challenging, mainly due to their rigorous candidate assessment process and high application volume.

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