What Pharmacy Is in Target?

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When you walk into a Target store, you may have noticed a pharmacy section. This is not just any pharmacy – it’s a CVS Pharmacy. Yes, that’s right. CVS Health, a leading American retail and health care company, operates the pharmacies located within Target stores across 47 states in a store-within-a-store format.


The pharmacy located in Target stores is CVS Pharmacy. This is a result of a strategic partnership established in 2015 when CVS Health acquired Target’s pharmacy and clinic businesses. Now, CVS operates pharmacies in Target stores across 47 states in the U.S., offering a wide range of pharmacy and medical services.

The Partnership Between Target and CVS Pharmacy

In 2015, CVS Health acquired Target’s pharmacy and clinic businesses, thereby establishing a strategic partnership that allows Target customers to access CVS Health’s leading pharmacy care programs and retail medical clinic services. This collaboration has resulted in CVS Pharmacy and Minute Clinic branded outlets inside Target stores.

Services Offered By CVS Pharmacy in Target

CVS Pharmacy at Target offers a wide range of pharmacy and medical services. These include prescription filling, vaccinations, and other health-related services. One unique feature of Target pharmacies is the ClearRx prescription bottle, which has been designed to enhance medication safety and adherence.

Additionally, Target pharmacies offer convenient options for customers, such as free shipping on orders over $35 or free same-day pickup in-store. They also provide clinic services where customers can receive care without needing to book a clinic appointment.

Accessibility and Convenience

For those who prefer online services or are always on-the-go, CVS Pharmacy at Target has got you covered. You can manage prescriptions, refill medications, and access other pharmacy services online or via several apps such as Express Scripts, My Community Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, Amazon Pharmacy, Alto Pharmacy, RxLocal, and Optum RX. These digital platforms provide convenient access to pharmacy services, making it easier for customers to manage their medications and communicate with pharmacists.

Operation Hours

The operating hours of CVS Pharmacy within Target stores may vary by location. Generally, they are open on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and on Sundays from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specific hours for the Target pharmacy in your area using Target’s store locator or by calling the store directly.

Unique Benefits for Target Shoppers

If you’re a regular Target shopper, there’s more good news for you. By utilizing the in-store pharmacy, you can benefit from the CVS ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program. This program enables customers to earn a $5 Target coupon for every 10 prescriptions filled. Plus, you can enroll family members to earn rewards even faster. Each person who joins the program can earn up to $50 in Target coupons each year.


The pricing at CVS Pharmacy in Target is competitive compared to other pharmacies. In fact, according to a survey of prescription drug prices, CVS pharmacies, including those inside Target stores, edge out Walmart and undercut other major drugstores by over $600. However, prices can vary depending on the specific medication and location, so it’s always prudent to compare prices at different pharmacies to find the best deal for your needs.

In conclusion, CVS Pharmacy at Target provides a convenient, accessible, and cost-effective solution for your pharmacy needs. So, the next time you visit a Target store, you know where to head for your health and medication needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my CVS ExtraCare card at CVS Pharmacy in Target?

Yes, you can use your CVS ExtraCare card at CVS Pharmacy located within Target stores. This means you can earn and redeem ExtraBucks Rewards as well as use CVS manufacturer coupons.

Can I get my prescriptions delivered from CVS Pharmacy at Target?

Yes, CVS Pharmacy at Target offers delivery services. They offer free standard shipping on prescription drug orders with typically a 1-2 day delivery time. However, the availability of this service may vary by location.

Does CVS Pharmacy in Target accept insurance?

Yes, CVS Pharmacy at Target accepts most insurance plans. This includes Medicare Part D, Medicaid, and many other private and government-insured plans.

Can I get a flu shot at CVS Pharmacy in Target?

Yes, you can get a flu shot at CVS Pharmacy in Target. They offer this service on a walk-in basis, but appointments can also be scheduled online for your convenience.

Does the CVS Pharmacy in Target offer COVID-19 testing?

Yes, many CVS Pharmacy locations, including those inside Target stores, offer COVID-19 testing. However, it’s recommended to check with your local CVS Pharmacy for availability and to schedule an appointment.

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