What Time Does Walmart Deli Start Serving Lunch?

Walmart Deli Serving Lunch

Having the correct information about Walmart Deli lunch serving hours is crucial, especially if you have a busy daily routine and can’t stop somewhere for a bigger meal.


Walmart Deli starts serving lunch at 11:00 am and ends its lunch service at 2:00 pm on weekdays.

However, the lunch timing remains the same on the weekends, but it may also vary from location to location.

To add more to your knowledge, we will explore when Walmart Deli starts serving lunch to help you get your mid-day meal on time.

What Is the Time When Walmart Deli Starts Serving Lunch?

What Is The Time When Walmart Deli Starts Serving Lunch?

Walmart Deli is an ideal place for a quick and convenient lunch. With a wide variety of options, there is something for everyone, from hot sandwiches and subs to salads and sides with all your favorite go-to deli items like meatballs, sliced cheeses, and rotisserie chicken.

Most of the Walmart Delis open at the store opening time, which is usually 10:00 am, and you can get your meals from those hours in any location throughout the country.

Still, lunch hours offer different delicacies that might not be available at other times.

Therefore, knowing about the start of lunch serving hours at Walmart deli, you can enjoy your favorite items before the store runs out of them.


A Deli, the short form of “delicatessen,” is a store where people can buy ready-to-eat food items.

The lunch serving hours at Walmart Deli start at 11:00 am. So even though it is pretty early, you can get fresh items that they only do until the lunch service ends.

Some hot food items you can find at Walmart Deli are smoked turkey, sausages, fresh deli meat, pizzas, and boxed meals, including hot sandwiches, subs, deli salads, roll wraps, and much more.


You can also get morning and night meals and baked items, such as muffins, donuts, and baked waffles, besides the lunch menu at Walmart Deli.

As Walmart operates more than 10,000 stores across 24 countries, it is practically impossible to follow the exact schedules.

Therefore, it is essential to confirm the lunch hours at Walmart deli before visiting any location to avoid inconvenience.

The easiest way to spot a Walmart deli store near your location is Walmart Location Finder. First, you must type the zip code, city, and state name in the required section on Walmart’s website.

From then, the nearest Walmart Deli locations, their times of operating throughout the day, and contact information, would pop up on the screen.


What Is The Time When Walmart Deli Starts Serving Lunch?

Lunch hours at Walmart offer various delicious items you might not want to miss, so we’ve explored in this short guide what time Walmart Deli will start serving lunch to satisfy your cravings.

We hope you can now catch your favorite lunch items without being late and ensure you get the most out of your trip at Walmart Deli.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Lunch Prices at Walmart Deli?

You can get budget-friendly lunch items from Walmart Deli, such as smoked sausages for $3.98, chicken caesar wrap at $5.50, smoked bacon for $6.65/lb, and the best-seller Italian Hero Sub sandwich for $6.50.

What Are the Nutritional Values of Walmart Deli Lunch?

Most of the lunch items at Walmart Deli are processed, which means they have a higher amount of sodium and fats, resulting in a heap of calories.

Besides that, some protein is also present in the meat-containing meals at the store.

Is Walmart Deli Open for 24 Hours?

No, the Walmart Deli does not operate 24 hours, having different ending hours at other locations, but most are closed by 11:00 pm.

What Holidays Are Walmart Deli Closed On?

Walmart Deli is open on most holidays except for Christmas day, Thanksgiving day, and Easter Sunday.

What Are Some Healthy Food Options at Walmart Deli?

Walmart Deli offers a wide range of healthy food items. If you are on a controlled diet or allergic to some foods, you will find excellent organic, vegetarian-friendly, low-sodium, fat-free, and gluten-free choices.

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