What Is a UPS Call Tag?

Ups Call Tag

Have you ever received a package through UPS that doesn’t seem right, and you wish to return it?

How can you do this? You can get a call tag for your package to initiate a return, but do you know how it works and what kinds of call tags are there?


UPS tries to ensure the utmost flexibility for its clients and allows them to exchange or return their packages according to different situations.

If a recipient wants to return a package, he can request a call tag by contacting the shipper or the UPS customer support center.

There are multiple kinds of call tags at UPS, which are now known as Return Labels:

  • Electronic Return Label
  • Print Return Label
  • Print and Mail Return Label
  • Returns Plus
  • Damage Call Tag

The Return Plus service allows the customers to choose from R1 (single attempt) or RS3 (three attempts).

If you’ve had a similar experience, you’d probably be curious about how a call tag works. Read on to learn more about UPS call tags and their types.

Call Tag at UPS

Call Tag At Ups

Regarding parcel delivery, UPS stands out as the most trusted and widely used service provider due to its extensive reach, covering more than 220 countries and a vast fleet of delivery trucks.

It also ensures the timely and efficient delivery of packages with added flexibility. But what if something isn’t right, or you receive a damaged or counterfeit product and need to return a UPS package?

The company offers a convenient solution in the form of a UPS Call Tag, through which you can request a pickup, and UPS will send a courier to collect the package and return it to the sender.

This service makes the return process effortless and stress-free.

A call tag is a return label generated by the shipper of the parcel for which you can pay a nominal fee to get the add-on service.

It’s a way to return a package at the sender’s expense. You get the label and attach it to your package; a UPS driver will visit and pick up the parcel to take it back.

Return Service (RS)

Call Tag is the old name for a Return Service (RS) label at UPS.

Working Mechanism of UPS Call Tag

Working Mechanism Of Ups Call Tag

The working mechanism is quite easy; if you have received the parcel through UPS and want to return it, call the support team or get in touch with the sender and explain the situation with the package for him to arrange the call tag.

You must provide the parcel’s tracking ID, and UPS will print a label/call tag.

A UPS associate will bring this label to your address or pickup location to get the parcel. He will attach this to the parcel and take it to the UPS center to return to the sender.

Business Days

The UPS associate will visit the pickup location during business days, so if you request a tag on a weekend, your request will be entertained on the next working day.

Types of UPS Call Tags

UPS has multiple call tags, each aiming to suit the best for different customers.

Let’s have a detailed look at each:

1. Electronic Return Label

Electronic Return Label

Electronic Return Label allows the customer to access the return label through email and paste it on the package. Once attached, a customer will wait for a UPS package handler to pick up the package or drop it off at a UPS location.

2. Print Return Label

Print Return Label

You can opt for the Print Return Label service if you are willing to send a return label along with the package. It will allow you to print the label and attach it to the package so that if a recipient wants to return the package, he can do it without any hassle.

3. Print and Mail Return Label

Print And Mail Return Label

You can go with Print and Mail Return Label if you want UPS to handle your return label. This service will allow UPS to print the label and dispatch it to the party willing to make a return.

4. Returns Plus

Return Plus

Returns Plus service allows the flexibility to choose from two types of collection attempts:

  • 1 Ups Collection Attempt (R1)

It is a discounted label with only one pickup attempt. If the pickup attempt is unsuccessful, you must attach the label and request USP to arrange a second pickup.

However, if the delivery driver leaves the label at your pickup location, you can attach it to the parcel and drop it at the UPS store.

  • 3 Ups Collection Attempts (RS3)

A more flexible and executive option where a UPS driver will make three attempts to collect the package for return.

However, if the third attempt fails, the call tag will be canceled, but if it’s successful, the package will be sent back from the UPS center to the sender the same evening.

Damage Call Tag

Damage Call Tag

This is used for damaged items. For instance, if a sender receives complaints about a damaged product, they will issue the “damage” return label.

As a result, UPS will pick up the parcel from your doorstep and assess the severity of damage at their facility.

The package will be returned to the sender if the claim is valid and the damage is severe. In addition, UPS offers three pickup attempts in this case, or the label will be canceled.

Additional Tips
  1. Always confirm the return shipping rates from the rate and service guide.
  2. You are charged according to the number of parcels rather than the shipment (there can be multiple parcels in one shipment).
  3. Be available when the delivery driver has to come for pickup because rearranging the pickup can be time-consuming.

Final Word

The call tags are printed with information about the shipper, including the address, barcode, and other information that identifies the parcel’s contents. UPS uses these call tags to ensure customers can return the parcels if they aren’t up to par.

You can acquire this package by informing the sender about the issue or contacting UPS’s customer support team.

The customer support representative will select the type of call tag after getting the parcel’s details and analyzing the situation. As far as the printed label is concerned, the driver will bring it at the time of pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Request a UPS Call Tag?

The first thing you should do to initiate the return of your UPS package is to get in touch with the sender and inform him about the situation.

Next, you should contact customer support and request a call tag that suits you best.

When Will UPS Come To Pick Up My Package With a Call Tag?

The pickup time for a package with a UPS Call Tag will depend on your location and the type of service you choose.

UPS will provide you with a pickup window, and you can also track the pickup status of your package online or through the UPS mobile app. It’s important to note that the UPS driver will visit only during business hours.

Is There a Fee for a UPS Call Tag?

Yes, there is a fee for a UPS Call Tag, which will depend on the type of service you choose and the weight and dimensions of the package.

The sender will pay the fee, which will be reflected in the shipping label price.

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