What Does “Delay Beyond Our Control” Mean with FedEx?

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FedEx delivers around 16.5 million packages every day, astonishing, right?

They have an efficient delivery system that promises on-time parcel delivery. People choose FedEx because they promise zero delays, but imagine seeing “shipment exception delay beyond our control” flashing on the tracking page.

It can be frustrating to wait for such packages, so let’s see what it means and how long it will take to deliver the package.


FedEx is known for its on-time delivery, but some issues can delay the process.

It can be overwhelming to see “shipment exception delay beyond our control” on the tracking page, as it usually means you won’t get the package on time, and FedEx has no control over it, which leads to failure in speeding up the process.

It happens because of various reasons such as:

  • Weather issues.
  • Vehicle breakdowns.
  • Airport closures.
  • Adverse social situations.
  • Epidemics.

Many senders and recipients don’t know what “delay beyond our control” means and end up worrying about their package, such as, “will it be delivered?” or “When will FedEx deliver the delayed package?”

We have the details for you if you see a similar message on the tracking page!

FedEx Shipment Exception Delay Beyond Our Control – What Does It Mean?

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Imagine a typhoon or tsunami struck your vicinity, and you were expecting a package through FedEx; how are they supposed to deliver in such conditions?

If you are tracking the package, you’ll be prompted with the status, “shipment exception delay beyond our control.”

This is a tracking update that indicates a delay in the package delivery due to an issue that’s beyond FedEx’s control.

Usually, it’s caused by weather issues, due to which the vehicles cannot move, or if FedEx has to reroute their packages because of a natural calamity.

The delivery after this message depends on how quickly FedEx fixes the issue. In simpler words, the estimated delivery time is unknown.

Some of the common issues that result in this situation are the following:

  • Natural calamities: if there are some disastrous weather conditions like typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, or coastal flooding, FedEx has no control over it to stop and deliver your package.
  • Damaged delivery vehicles: although it’s rare, accidents and vehicle mishaps are still possible, and it’s beyond FedEx’s control to stop them.
  • Airport closures: it’s obvious that if the airport from which the package was to be delivered is closed, it would also delay your delivery because FedEx has no control over airports.
  • Adverse social conditions: situations like terrorism, strikes, or escalations can create hurdles in delivering your FedEx package.
  • Epidemics: the recent worldwide inflation paused many businesses, including shipments around the globe. FedEx can also be affected by such epidemics and can not control them.

In most cases, the delay is considered beyond our control when FedEx’s logistics and technological infrastructure aren’t the root cause.

When you see this message on the tracking page, it’s better to check the service alerts on FedEx’s official website, as they provide the reason behind the delay and what receivers/shippers can do to access their packages.

The Estimated Delivery Time After Delay Message

Delayed Delivery

The estimated delivery time varies with the reason behind the delay. Usually, FedEx tries to alleviate the matter and delivers the package the same day.

However, a natural calamity, airport closure, or damaged vehicle might take a few weeks before the package is delivered.

The ideal solution is to call the support team and share your contact number and airway bill details to get a better idea.

In addition, it’s better to involve the shipper, as FedEx replies to the person who created the shipment.

File a Claim

If your package goes missing, you can use FedEx File a Claim service to open an inquiry about the missing package and claim the loss.

Bottom Line

Fedex Delivery

FedEx is known for its on-time parcel delivery and promises zero delays, but some issues can still cause hurdles in timely delivery.

The status “shipment exception delay beyond our control” is a tracking update that indicates a delay in package delivery due to issues beyond FedEx’s control, such as natural disasters, damaged delivery vehicles, airport closures, adverse social conditions, and epidemics.

The estimated delivery time after this update varies and can take a few weeks to arrive. If a package goes missing, recipients can file a claim to inquire about it and claim any loss.

Sometimes, you might be lucky and get out of such a situation. Whereas, sometimes you might not be able to receive your package, and it has to go back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does FedEx Take To Deliver the Delayed Package?

The delivery time depends on the reason behind the delay. Usually, it’s delivered on the same day but at a later time, but some packages take a few weeks too. In the worst case, it would be returned to the sender.

Is It Possible To Pick Up the Delayed Package?

If your package has arrived at the sorting facility, you might be able to pick it up yourself. You can use FedEx’s Hold at Location service to enable self-pickup.

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