What Does “At Local FedEx Facility” Mean?


Ordering goods online brings you a hassle-free shopping experience.

In just a few taps, you’ve successfully checked out your order. The only thing left for you to do is wait for your package to arrive.

Keeping track of your package’s whereabouts is easy.

Luckily, your shopping app gives you shipping updates to keep your mind at peace. But ever wondered what “At local FedEx Facility” means?


The “At local facility” status indicates that your package has arrived at the local facility closest to you.

Usually, you get this update when the parcel reaches the facility at the beginning of the day.

You can also get it when there are delays due to unpredictable weather conditions or when it has just been transferred from the wrong facility it was previously sent.

This status remains on your notification page especially if the package arrived at the facility on a Saturday.

Usually, parcels that arrive on the weekends are delivered on Mondays.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of FedEx shipping status and what “At local facility” means. Read on!

FedEx Status Meaning

Shipping updates may be confusing, but our little guide has got you covered!

Read on to understand what your package goes through before it reaches your doorstep.

In Transit Status


An in-transit status does not necessarily indicate that your parcel is on the go.

The term, in transit, signifies the entire process or the journey a package goes through to arrive at your home.

Your package may be moving in between two facilities, on a vehicle, truck, or plane, or it may even be stored in a sorting facility.

All of these activities fall under the in-transit status.

At Local Facility Status


The “At Local Facility” status simply means that your package has arrived at a facility that caters to your destination or a shipping facility nearest you.

This does not necessarily mean that you will receive your package on the same day.

This status update lets you know that your package has simply arrived at the facility.

You may get this update when the package arrives at the beginning of the day or if delays occur due to inclement weather conditions.

You may also get an update if your parcel has been transferred to the right facility after reaching the wrong one.

This status is also prominent on the weekends.

This status update appears when items arrive at the facility on the weekends since Monday parcels won’t be unloaded on Saturday.

In Transit at Local Facility


If you see this shipping status, you’re in luck! You may receive the package on the same day you get this update.

This means your package will depart the local facility and be delivered through a vehicle that brings it to your address.


The “In Transit” status signifies the entire journey the parcel undergoes to reach your doorstep.

Receiving an “At Local Facility” status means that your package has arrived at a facility closest to you.

Moreover, the “In Transit at local Facility” status lets you know that your package is arriving at your address.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know My Local FedEx Facility?

Look up a pick-up area near you through the FedEx location finder.

How Long Does a Package Stay at a FedEx Facility?

A package can stay for up to 7 days.

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