Do Amazon Drivers Know What They Are Delivering?

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Amazon is considered an e-commerce giant around the globe, and maybe you love to shop there online. However, you might have wondered if the Amazon delivery guy knows what’s inside your package.


Amazon Flex drivers generally don’t know what is in the package that they are delivering. However, due to some legal reasons, the third-party company drivers shipping for Amazon may have the information about the parcel’s contents they are taking to the customer’s location.

To add to your knowledge, we will discuss whether Amazon drivers know what they are delivering, the company’s parcel privacy policy, and some interesting aspects about third-party shippers.

Do Amazon Delivery Drivers Know What’s Inside the Box?

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Amazon delivers millions of packages every day while ensuring the privacy and security of its customers’ parcels.

The company has its own logistics service called “Amazon Flex” and prohibits its drivers from inspecting or accessing the contents of the packages they deliver.


Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors who receive information about the delivery of packages (excluding the items inside the box) through a mobile app.

Amazon delivery app only displays the customer’s address, the shipment size, and sometimes even a photo of the package to delivery drivers.

On the other hand, Amazon also takes assistance from third-party shipping service providers, such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc., to deliver in remote and rural locations.

These partner companies usually have more information about the package than Amazon flex drivers because of some legal reasons.

However, they are also prohibited from opening or tampering with the delivery box.


Amazon delivery drivers have hundreds of packages daily, so they usually don’t even care what’s in the box.

Let’s now examine the reasons behind Amazon’s policy prohibiting its delivery drivers from viewing the contents of the parcels they deliver:

1. Prevent Theft and Damage

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Amazon restricts its drivers from knowing package contents to prevent theft and damage because if they knew what’s inside, they might be tempted to steal or mishandle it.


Amazon uses GPS tracking and strict delivery procedures to prevent drivers from deviating from the route or stealing and damaging packages during delivery.

2. Protect Customer Privacy

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Amazon also restricts drivers from knowing package contents to protect their customer’s privacy, as some packages may contain sensitive items that receivers prefer to keep confidential.

3. Increase Efficiency

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Amazon’s policy of restricting its delivery drivers from accessing the contents of packages also aims to increase Efficiency.

By not knowing the contents of the packages, drivers can focus on delivering them quickly, which helps Amazon maintain its reputation for fast delivery while keeping logistical costs low.


In this article, we discussed whether Amazon drivers know what they are delivering and the reasons behind keeping the parcel’s contents secret from the delivery riders.

Hopefully, you understand that Amazon properly cares for your package’s privacy by not letting their Flex drivers know what’s inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if a Package Is Damaged or Stolen During Delivery?

Customers can report damaged or stolen packages through their Amazon account and request a refund or replacement. 

Can Amazon Drivers Open Packages?

Amazon drivers are not allowed to open packages; they are only instructed to deliver them without exploring their contents and tampering.

What if an Amazon Driver Suspects Something Suspicious in the Package?

If an Amazon driver suspects something illegal or hazardous, they are suggested to contact Amazon and seek instructions.

Can Amazon Customers Track Their Packages in Real-Time?

Amazon customers can track their packages using the “Track Package” option in their Amazon accounts.

This feature provides up-to-date information on the package’s location and estimated delivery time.

Does Amazon Deliver on Weekends?

Yes, Amazon delivers on weekends. However, the availability of weekend delivery depends on the customer’s location and the delivery service used.

Some products may not be eligible for delivery on these days.

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