What Does “No Such Number” Mean USPS

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You occasionally might have seen the phrase “No Such Number” while booking or tracking a USPS package and may have wondered about its exact meaning in multiple situations.


There are several scenarios in which you may encounter the “No Such Number” notification at USPS, such as:

  • Entering an incorrect tracking number while tracking your parcel.
  • Putting in an invalid address while booking a package.
  • Shipment returning to the sender due to an incomplete address.

This alert means that USPS has failed to find any information relevant to your entered combination numbers, whether a parcel tracking ID or an apartment/street number.

To clarify, we will discuss what “No Such Number” means at USPS, the circumstances in which this error can appear, and how to prevent this issue from happening again.

What Does “No Such Number USPS” Mean?

The error “No Such Number” may pop out frequently while booking or tracking a USPS package, and its meaning can vary based on the situation.

So, let’s explore the different scenarios where you may encounter the “No Such Number” error message when using USPS services and what it indicates in each condition.

1. Receiving “No Such Number” Error While Booking a Parcel

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USPS (United States Postal Service) is a shipping service provider that generally performs last-mile deliveries for online sellers and allows them to book their shipments online.


Online store owners prefer using USPS’s last-mile delivery service due to its affordable prices, swift shipping process, and vast reach in the countryside area where other shippers do not deliver.

So, if you are a seller and receive the “No Such Number USPS” error message when booking a parcel with USPS, it indicates that you have entered an invalid street number or ZIP code for the recipient’s address.

To avoid this, double-check the address details with the recipient and verify you have the accurate information before booking the shipment again, ensuring that the package reaches the correct location without any issues.

2. Encountering “No Such Number” Alert as a Delivery Status

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As a receiver, encountering the “No Such Number” alert on the delivery status of your USPS package while tracking means that the package is not delivered to you because the delivery driver could not locate the specified address.

It mainly occurs when the shipper manages to book a shipment with an invalid recipient address.

For example, if a package is sent to ‘3200 Main Street’ but the actual street addresses only go up to 3000, the USPS may return the parcel to the sender with ‘No Such Number’ listed as the delivery failure reason.

However, this rarely happens because the USPS address database system is intelligent enough to recognize a blatantly invalid number at booking time, restricting the sender from booking the parcel.


If you are the recipient and have just received the update “No Such Number” while awaiting your package, immediately contact USPS to prevent the shipment from being returned to the sender and to make alternative delivery arrangements.

3. Confronting “No Such Number” Error While Tracking a Package

Bar Code Of Usps Tracking Number Close Up View

You may also encounter the error “No Such Number” while tracking your USPS as sender or receiver if you mistakenly enter the incorrect or incomplete tracking number in the system.

To avoid errors when typing in the tracking number, copy and paste it from the confirmation email you received from USPS.

Another option is to use a clickable tracking number link if available, as it is preferable to avoid typing the number manually.


If the problem persists after entering the correct tracking number, there might be some issue with the USPS tracking system, or you may try through the wrong website.

An alternate possibility is that the sender might have given you a fake tracking number.

If you are a recipient and find yourself in this situation, your best action is to contact the sender as soon as possible.

Explain the situation to them and hope the incorrect tracking ID was a mistake rather than a deliberate attempt to deceive you.

Conclusion / Summary / Takeaway

In this detailed guide, we have discussed what “No Such Number” means at USPS and the possible circumstances for this error to appear. We have also explored how to resolve this issue and prevent it from happening again.

Hopefully, you now understand that the “No Such Number” alert doesn’t mean the same in every situation and the importance of double-checking the information provided while booking or tracking a package with USPS to avoid any errors or delays in delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does USPS Take To Respond to Missing?

The response time for USPS to investigate a missing package can vary, but typically, it may take up to 5-10 business days for them to initiate a search for a missing package.

Can I Pick Up My Package From USPS After Failed Delivery?

In case of a failed delivery, you can pick up your package from USPS before the scheduled redelivery by presenting your Redelivery Notice (PS Form 3849) and a valid photo ID at their store.

Can USPS Have Fake Tracking Numbers?

It is unlikely that USPS would issue fake tracking numbers intentionally. However, there is a possibility that an incorrect tracking number is generated due to human error or technical glitches.

How Long Is a USPS Tracking Number?

A USPS tracking number is a unique 20-digit alphanumeric code assigned to each package they ship. However, the tracking number format may vary depending on the service used.

Is It Possible To Get a Fake Ups Tracking Number?

Scammers can create fake UPS tracking numbers to deceive people into believing their package is on the way. Therefore, be cautious when shopping online and verify the website’s legitimacy before purchasing anything.

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