What Does “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” Mean?

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While sending or receiving parcels via FedEx, you might have seen the delivery status changing to “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground,” You may need to know what this confusing phrase means.


The phrase “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” is a shipment tracking status that you might have seen while tracking your FedEx parcels.

This status means that your consignment is currently in the custody of “FedEx Ground,” and they will now be responsible for delivering it to the final destination.

To clarify, we have discussed what “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” means and explored some common reasons and situations for this notification to pop out.

What Does “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” Mean?

Fedex Tendered To Ground

FedEx is a renowned logistic service provider founded back in 1971 and is now delivering parcels in more than 220 countries worldwide.

FedEx offers you three different types of delivery services depending on the item type, shipping time, and the final destination of parcels, such as “FedEx Ground,” FedEx Home Delivery,” and “FedEx Express.”


FedEx Ground is an affordable delivery service for businesses that deliver parcels from Monday to Friday with an estimated 3-7 working days.

The shipment time, cost, maximum weight of parcels, etc., differs for each of FedEx’s delivery services. However, FedEx provides a free tracking facility for every package regardless of the shipment service used.

You can track your FedEx parcels through their delivery tracking tool. During this process, encountering “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground,” delivery status indicates that your package has been transferred to the “FedEx Ground” facility.


Businesses prefer FedEx Ground over other FedEx delivery services because it provides equivalent facilities, such as maximum weight limit, insurance, real-time tracking, etc., at an affordable price.

Now let’s explore some situations where you may encounter the delivery status “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” while tracking your FedEx parcel.

1. Parcel Dispatching From Your Side

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As discussed above, FedEx Ground is a popular shipping service many businesses use for parcel deliveries due to its affordability.

So, if you operate an online or physical store and send a parcel through FedEx Ground, you will likely come across the delivery status “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” if you track it.

This shipment notification will pop out upon a parcel dispatching from your side, reaching, and getting scanned at the nearest FedEx Ground hub.


There are 40 FedEx Ground hubs in the 50 states of the U.S.

2. Parcel Coming From Other Service Providers

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As a business owner, you often receive packages from customers and suppliers through various service providers such as UPS, USPS, DHL, etc.

Some of these logistic companies might choose to use FedEx Ground for the final delivery of parcels due to its cost-effectiveness.

If this happens, the shipment status will change to “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” as soon as the packages are transferred to the FedEx Ground facility from other service providers.

3. Parcel Reaching FedEx Ground Facility

Fedex Ground Facility

While sending and receiving parcels as a business owner, your package might have gone through a series of FedEx facilities, including the FedEx Ground and FedEx Express hubs.

When your parcel leaves the FedEx Express hub and enters the FedEx Ground hub for its final delivery, you can see its delivery status converting to “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground.”


The delivery status “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” usually appears when a parcel is sent overseas and transferred from the FedEx Express hub to the FedEx Ground hub on reaching the other country.

Does “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” Means the Same As “Shipment Tendered at FedEx Onsite”?

Shipment Tendered At Fedex Onsite

Certainly not; the delivery status “Shipment Tendered at FedEx Onsite” and “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” does not mean the same.

“Shipment Tendered at FedEx Onsite” may pop out when your parcel reaches the last FedEx hub from where it will dispatch for the final delivery to the destination.

On the other hand, “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” appears when your parcel reaches the FedEx Ground hub from overseas, other logistic service providers, or your store.


This short article discussed what “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground” means and all possible scenarios in which you may encounter this delivery status.

We hope you understand FedEx Ground is a cost-effective shipping service businesses commonly use to send and receive parcels.

Once your package is in the custody of FedEx Ground, its delivery status changes to “This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Ground.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is FedEx Overnight Shipping?

FedEx Overnight shipping is a time-definite delivery service that guarantees your package will deliver by the next business day.

This service is available for packages shipped within the United States and to selected international destinations.

What Is FedEx Home Delivery?

FedEx Home Delivery is a residential shipping service that delivers packages directly to customers’ homes.

Parcels from FedEx Home Delivery typically reach within 1-5 business days, depending on the distance from the origin location.

How Do I Get My Packages to FedEx?

You can drop off your packages at a FedEx location near you, including over 2,000 FedEx offices in the U.S. and many other authorized shipping centers, such as Walgreens, Kroger, and Dollar General.

What Is the Maximum Weight You Can Send via FedEx Ground?

The maximum weight you can send via FedEx Ground is 150 pounds per package.

However, additional restrictions and surcharges may apply to packages weighing over 70 pounds, and for parcels exceeding 150 pounds, you will need to use FedEx Freight.

Why Are FedEx Ground and Express Separate?

FedEx Express and Ground are two different companies under the FedEx Corporation. FedEx Express is a global air shipping service that delivers time-definite packages using its fleet of over 650 aircraft.

On the other hand, FedEx Ground is a domestic shipping service that delivers packages in the U.S., Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, etc., via a network of independent contractors and a fleet of over 75,000 vehicles.

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