What Is Priority Placement for USPS?

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Have you seen job advertisements – online or elsewhere – claiming priority placement for a job with the USPS? Avoid them like the plague.

Priority placement for USPS jobs is a scam; any site charging you money with promises of priority placement within the USPS (or study materials) is fraudulent.


Several websites claim to offer priority placement for jobs within the USPS (United States Postal Service).

These sites often charge a fee for access to “hidden” job listings or charge for exam materials that will help you pass any tests administered by the USPS. Unfortunately, these fraudulent fees and these sites do not offer a pipeline to USPS jobs.

Often, these sites or ads lure people with promises of high pay, excellent benefits, and low qualifications.

No legitimate job will charge you money to apply for it. Keep reading this article for more info about the scams involving priority placement for USPS, and learn how to apply for a job at the Post Office.

If you see a site or service offering priority placement within the USPS, don’t engage with it. Often, these sites will have official-looking USPS logos and branding, further confusing consumers.

What Is Priority Placement?

Priority Placement Fake

Priority placement is a scam to lure people into exchanging money for fictional jobs or training materials. Often, these sites charge a fee in exchange for the promise of “fast-tracking” job applications or helping with test preparation.

These sites will often say that the deposit or money paid is refundable, but that is rarely the case.

Should You Pay Money When Applying For a Job?

You should never pay money when applying for a job. No legitimate jobs require money for a job application. Be highly skeptical of sites promising you priority placement in exchange for paying them money.

If you are interested in a career with the USPS, click here to apply for a job through the USPS website. Never apply for jobs through third-party websites that you don’t trust.

How To Spot Fraudulent USPS Jobs

Applying For Jobs

First, the safest way to apply for a job with the Postal Service is to go directly through their website. That way, you can be confident that the job you are applying for is legitimate.

Any job claims or listings not made by the USPS should be considered fraudulent and ignored.

Some sites allege they have access to hidden jobs that the United States Postal Service does not list. This is a lie – the USPS lists all available job openings. Therefore, there are no hidden jobs.

Often, these sites claim high pay, terrific benefits, and low qualifications. They may say you don’t need a High School diploma, don’t need to pass a background check or drug test, or make other dubious claims.

Scammers Are Smart

Watch out. Fraudulent sites will often have official-sounding names that make them seem like they are affiliated with the USPS. They are not; although the names may seem official, they are anything but.

These sites often use official-looking USPS logos and branding on their pages. Images of postal carriers are common. Still, these sites are in no way affiliated with the Post Office.

Charging for Testing Materials Is Bogus

Any site charging for testing materials that will give you a “leg-up” on your USPS job application is a scam.

The USPS test is a basic competency test. There is no way to study or prepare for it.

Beware Google Ads

Scammers will often purchase the top ads on Google. For example, if you type in “USPS jobs,” the top few results will be fraudulent websites.

Again, their logos, name, and branding will camouflage these sites to look like legitimate branches of the USPS. Make sure you’re going to the official USPS site when applying for a job as a postal worker.

Applying Through the USPS Can Be Frustrating

Frustrating Application

Yes, at times applying through the USPS can be frustrating. The process can seem painfully slow. If you are out of a job, you likely want to replace your income immediately, and a lag time can be disheartening.

Background checks and drug tests will also need to be passed, further delaying the application.

But the only way to get a job with the USPS is through the USPS. So you may need to grit your teeth and endure the frustrating delays.

Applying to the USPS Is Free

The USPS does not charge money for you to apply for a job. No legitimate employer will charge a fee when submitting a job application.

Don’t Get Scammed

Beware of scammers and the techniques they commonly use. You should never pay to apply for a job, including a job with the postal service.

These scammy websites are clever and can confuse job seekers. The site’s labeling, website name, branding, and logos will often look like the official USPS site.

Only apply for jobs through the USPS, and have patience when applying, as the process can be lengthy and frustrating.

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