What Does the Term “Focus on the Customer” Mean at CVS?

Cvs Pharamacy

Customers are an essential facet of a business landscape. While most companies stay sales-oriented, successful ones like CVS Health put their customers at the center.

The customers-centered approach of CVS is evident through the brand popularity, which was recorded to be 81% in 2022.


CVS Health has always been focused on helping people and continuously innovates to reshape their customer experience and remove effort for their buyers.

And it’s not just the brand’s name or its logo that represents customers at the heart of what they do, but this is visible through CVS:

  • Customer-focused values.
  • Product and services.
  • Digital-first services.
  • Reward Programs.

Here, you will find all the nitty-gritty of how CVS has placed its customers central to its vision, services, products, stores, and clinics. So, let’s spill the beans.

CVS Customer-Focused Values

Cvs Customers

CVS has a vision and brand values based on understanding customers’ wants and needs. The brand strives to make best health practices and valuable products accessible to its consumers at a low cost.

Healthcare grants care for its consumers, not just in words but read in actions. For example, the company removed cigarettes from its shelves to control tobacco at the cost of a $200 billion loss. This gesture shows the care the company takes for its consumers.

CVS also remained at the forefront during COVID-19 and did rigorous testing and vaccine distribution to help its clientele.

Digital-First Services for Customers

Digital First Services

The brand remains aware of the consumers changing trends and understands the world is moving towards digital channels. Therefore, it has efficiently adopted the technology to put its customers at ease.

According to the brand’s estimate, it has approximately 44 million digital customers. Some of its popular digital services are virtual clinics and omnichannel pharmacies.

Its virtual care clinics are accessible 24/7 and even during the holidays catering to its customers and providing 124 health services, including mental health problems. You can easily schedule an appointment and be informed when the physician is ready to check you up.

Customer Stores Serving Consumers

Serving Customers

The brick-and-mortar of CVS has been renovated to remove hurdles in the way of its customers. However, customers have drive-thru options to pick up their prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Additionally, vending machines are installed for buyers to get sanitizers and other toiletries. Visitors also have digital screens at the checkouts.



Besides virtual care options, CVS has MinuteClinics to assist people. These clinics are open seven days a week for your in-person visits.

In addition, you can schedule an appointment at home and visit your nearest clinic for a thorough checkup.

The clinics run by CVS accept most of the insurance. The qualified physicians at CVS write you a generic prescription so you can buy the brand that covers your insurance.


Cvs Serving Customers

CVS believes in expansion but produces products best suited to its consumers’ needs. Therefore, everything has been manufactured as customer-focused, from cosmetics, beauty products, and medicine to healthy snacks and drinks, etc.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Cvs Care

Another proof of excellent customer experience is CVS’ loyalty programs. CVS has multiple programs to aid its loyal consumers, such as CarePass, ExtraCare, and Health Rewards.

These rewards include 20% off on its brand’s products, free deliveries, and rewards up to $50 on refilling prescriptions and flu shots.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, CVS is a customer-centered brand that truly serves its buyers in every aspect and aims to create a seamless health journey through its products, services, and digital conveniences.

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