When Will I Get My First Paycheck From Walgreens?

Walgreen First Paycheck

Walgreens is one of the leading retail pharmacy chains, and being hired in one of its stores can help you jump-start your career. But you might wonder when you will get paid for the first time while working there.


Walgreens will give you your first paycheck after two weeks of the starting pay month. The pay month begins the following Friday after you receive your pay stub.

The calendar starts on Saturday, concludes on the second Friday, and you get the wage every second Wednesday.

In this article, we’ll explore when you get your first paycheck after starting your job at Walgreens to get your finances in order.

Getting Your First Paycheck From Walgreens


Applying to a Walgreens store is good if you are starting your career. There are several entry-level positions available at this network of pharmacies. Most jobs at the business come with paid training and the chance to grow up in the company.

Upon hiring, you will receive your first paycheck after two weeks of the starting pay month. The pay month begins the following Friday after you receive your pay stub. The calendar starts on Saturday and concludes on the second Friday.

By this calculation, you will earn 26 paychecks annually.

If you choose to receive a “paycheck,” every second Wednesday at 3 AM central time is payday, and you will get it from a manager on Wednesday, the day before your planned shift.

Regarding direct deposit, on Thursdays at 3 AM, you get the wage in your bank account.


From November 2022, Walgreen has increased the worker’s pay to $15 per hour. The company also often adds $0.30 to $0.70 to your hourly rate and is compensated on the bi-weekly schedule.

How Much More Can I Earn in Walgreen?

Earning In Walgreen

Getting the first paycheck from Walgreens is your first stepping stone. Then, when you have worked for Walgreens for a whole year, you will be given a performance review, resulting in a raise if you have worked well and followed their employee standards.

Furthermore, Walgreens observes six paid holidays: Memorial Day, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

By recommending people for open pharmacy intern graduate (PHIG), pharmacist, or pharmacy manager jobs, you can earn rewards at any retail or specialty pharmacy. For each recommendation, you can get a bonus of up to $5,000.


The typical hourly compensation for a Front End Associate at Walgreens is $8.77; for a Route Driver, it is $30.86. The specific Walgreens annual salary ranges from $17,324 for a host/cashier to $117,297 for a pharmacy manager.

What Is Walgreens Earnin App?

Walgreens Earnin App

With the help of the smartphone app Earnin, you may instantly access your money as you earn it from Walgreens and make any day your payday.

Walgreens has collaborated with Earnin to inform and educate the employees about Earnin’s products. This includes early pay access and other services as part of studying the conditions and prevalence of the various third-party advance pay services available in the market.

Use your net pay to manage your budget and each team member; they are no different from the services that Earnin provides to the general public.


Walgreens is not involved financially, administratively, or in any other way with Earnin. The company does not give Earnin any team member data and disclaims all liability about their services.

You alone are responsible for deciding whether to use Earnin’s services or any other early-pay access provider.


Walgreens offers a great working environment to their employees, and a new career with them can yield numerous benefits in the long run.

We hope this article helped you get the essential information about when Walgreens will release your first paycheck and how much you can earn within a year, including bonuses and after a performance review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Walgreens Paying a Bonus?

At Walgreens, up to $75,000 in bonuses are offered to pharmacists, while $30,000 or $50,000 are more typical bonuses.

Additionally, technicians are eligible for sign-on incentives worth around $1,250. Pharmacists who receive incentives must hold their jobs for at least a year or more.

Does Walgreens Pay Extra for Overtime?

Walgreens is tight in overtime hours; in some stores, managers won’t even pay you for your extra hard work.

For overtime and holiday compensation, time and a third are used instead of a half, which also depends on your performance.

However, you get a 25% discount on Walgreens brand items and 15% off everything else. There are no discounts for dairy, prescription drugs, or cigarette products.

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