What Are UPS Hours on Saturday?

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When it comes to shipping and receiving packages, knowing the operating hours of your local UPS Store can be crucial, especially on weekends. This article will provide an in-depth look at UPS Store hours on Saturdays, delivery and pickup options, and how to find specific information for your local area.


Most UPS Stores typically operate between 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. However, UPS Stores are franchises and can set their own hours, so it’s recommended to check with your local UPS Store for their specific hours. Delivery and pickup hours can also vary based on the service and location.

Standard UPS Store Hours on Saturdays

Typically, most UPS Stores operate between 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. But it’s important to remember that UPS Stores are franchises, meaning they have the flexibility to set their own hours. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check with your local UPS Store for their specific hours.

UPS Delivery and Pickup Hours on Saturdays

UPS delivery and pickup hours on Saturdays can vary based on the service and location. For instance, UPS Ground and UPS 3 Day Select® offer Saturday deliveries for free, while Saturday pickup services are available in 122 countries. However, these hours can differ from the standard UPS Store hours. UPS Store Locator can help you find specific information about the services available at your local store.

Extended Hours During Holidays and Peak Seasons

UPS doesn’t explicitly mention extended hours on Saturdays during holidays or peak seasons. However, during these periods, UPS may offer additional services like weekend deliveries or same-day deliveries to meet increased demand. Adjustments may also be made to regular operating hours, drop-off and pickup times, and delivery services.

UPS Saturday Services

On Saturdays, UPS offers a range of services including delivery, pickup, and customer service. Services like UPS Ground and UPS 3 Day Select offer free Saturday delivery in the continental U.S. For time-sensitive shipments, Saturday delivery is available with UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2nd Day Air, provided you select the Saturday Delivery option.

UPS also clears customs one day earlier for international shipments with a Saturday pickup. In addition, most UPS Stores maintain normal business hours (usually 9 AM – 5 PM) on Saturdays, but it’s recommended to confirm the hours with your local UPS Store as they can set their own hours.

Finding Specific UPS Saturday Hours

To find the specific UPS Saturday hours for your local store or area, you can use the UPS Store Locator or visit your local UPS Store website. You can also directly call your local UPS Store to inquire about their Saturday hours. Some UPS partner locations, such as CVS and Staples, may also offer UPS services on Saturdays.

UPS Saturday Delivery Restrictions

UPS provides Saturday delivery for various types of packages, but there are some restrictions. For instance, Saturday delivery is primarily available in metropolitan areas and specific ZIP codes. To determine if your package is eligible for Saturday delivery, you can use the UPS Shipping Calculator, contact UPS directly, or check the delivery date and time on the UPS tracking page for your package.

Additional Fees for UPS Saturday Services

Additional fees may apply for some UPS services on Saturdays. For ground commercial delivery packages, UPS charges an additional $4 per package for Saturday delivery. For non-ground residential services like UPS 2nd Day Air®, a $16 delivery fee applies for Saturday delivery. However, for ground residential delivery packages, there are no additional fees.

In conclusion, UPS offers a variety of services on Saturdays to meet customers’ needs. However, hours can vary based on the location and the specific service, so it’s always best to check with your local UPS Store or use the UPS Store Locator for the most accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the UPS Sunday hours?

UPS Store hours on Sundays vary by location, with many stores being closed. However, some locations may offer limited hours. It’s best to check with the UPS Store Locator or directly contact your local UPS Store for their specific Sunday hours.

Is UPS open on holidays?

UPS observes several holidays throughout the year and typically does not offer regular pickup or delivery services on these days. However, UPS Express Critical® service is available 365 days a year, including holidays. For a list of observed holidays, you can visit the UPS Holiday Schedule.

Can I schedule a UPS pickup on Saturday?

Yes, UPS offers Saturday pickup services in 122 countries. However, additional fees may apply, and availability can vary based on location. You can schedule a pickup via the UPS website.

Does UPS deliver on weekends for international shipments?

Yes, UPS offers weekend delivery for international shipments with UPS Worldwide Express® and UPS Worldwide Express Plus® services. However, this may be subject to additional fees and availability based on the destination country.

Are there any size or weight restrictions for UPS Saturday deliveries?

Yes, UPS has size and weight restrictions for all shipments, including Saturday deliveries. The maximum weight per package is 150 lbs (70 kg), and the maximum size is 165 inches (419 cm) in length and girth combined. For more information, visit the UPS Weight and Size Limits page.

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