What Does “On Hold” Mean at CVS?

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Anyone can get illnesses or be infected by viruses and other diseases. CVS Pharmacy Inc. offers reliable services to make healthcare accessible, convenient, and affordable. They offer pharmacy services that cater to your specific needs.

However, there may be instances when your order prescriptions may be on hold. This can sound alarming to anyone, but what does “on hold” mean at CVS?


When you get notified that your prescriptions are on hold, you may need to set an appointment with your doctor before they give you a new prescription.

In other cases, you may have consecutively ordered too soon.

In this article, we discuss what CVS Pharmacy Inc. is, its services, what its pharmacy stands for, and why your prescriptions can be on hold. Read on!

What Is CVS?

Cvs Health

CVS Pharmacy Inc. is under the company CVS Health, which aims to make healthcare accessible for all. CVS offers various pharmacy services catering to different needs.

Specialty Pharmacy

Cvs Specialty Pharmacy

This type of CVS service targets customers that have special needs like prescriptions for chronic illnesses. The CVS Specialty Pharmacy ensures that your healthcare needs are accessible at lower prices.

Retail Pharmacy

Cvs Retail Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy Inc. has over 9,000 branches across the United States, ensuring that individuals can access pharmacies nearby. CVS Pharmacies offer reliable counsel.

Mail Order Pharmacy

Cvs Health Online

In line with making their healthcare services accessible, CVS Caremark offers mail order pharmacy so you can get your prescriptions shipped directly to your home.

Ordering online is convenient and dependable. You can be assured that your prescriptions are checked before shipping, and packages are well-sealed, protected, and safe. Simply sign up to create an account and start ordering.

Possible Reasons Why Prescriptions Are On Hold

Woman Thinking About The On-Hold Status

While the pharmacy can hold prescriptions for various reasons, there are two main causes for prescriptions to be on hold.

1. Your Prescribing Physician Requires an Appointment With You

A Physician Discussing With A Patient

Seeing the on-hold status on your prescription? Don’t panic. This probably means your prescribing doctor wants to set an appointment for a health update. After that, the physician can prescribe you new medicine for your situation.

Thus, CVS holds your current prescription until a new one is advised and the pharmacy confirms this new prescription.

2. You Have Two Consecutive Bookings Close to Each Other

Placing Order Online

Another cause for CVS to hold your order is the period length between two of your orders. Insurance may decline an order too close to a preceding one.


CVS Pharmacy Inc. offers mail order, specialty, and retail pharmacies. The company ensures that your needs are met through accessible and dependable services.

If your prescriptions are on hold, your prescribing physician may need to set an appointment with you to approve your new prescription.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does CVS Hold Prescriptions?

CVS holds your prescription for up to two days.

How Do You Know if Your CVS Prescription Is Prepared?

Sign in to your account to check for updates. You can view notifications on your order through the Prescription Details tab.

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