What Does “Awaiting Delivery Scan” Mean USPS?

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If you are expecting mail from USPS and see the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” status on the app, you might want to know what it means.


“Awaiting Delivery Scan” on USPS means that your package or mail has not yet been scanned as delivered by the mail carrier and is still in transit. However, this status can also sometimes be shown due to weather delays, mail carrier errors, incomplete delivery information, and technical issues.

To help you understand better, we have written a complete guide on what “Awaiting Delivery Scan” means on USPS.

What Does “Awaiting Delivery Scan” Mean USPS?

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Regarding mail delivery, USPS is the most prominent and trusted name. With over 31,000 post offices and 600,000 employees, they are the largest and most successful postal service worldwide.

USPS has played a vital role in bringing together people and connecting businesses worldwide. They provide real-time tracking of your packages with detailed information so you can view their progress every step of the way.

And, like many other carriers and postal services, USPS also has its statuses and operation procedures.


USPS delivers packages and mail to more than 160 million addresses daily.

If you’re currently tracking a mail from USPS, you might have encountered the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” status.

As the name suggests, this means that the USPS mail carrier has not yet scanned your package or mail as delivered, and it could still be in transit and on its way to the final destination.

However, different other factors can also be the cause of why USPS is showing “Awaiting Delivery Scan.”

Why Is My Package Showing “Awaiting Delivery Scan”?

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If you’ve been seeing the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” status on your package from USPS for a long time, a few reasons might be at play.

1. Weather Delay

Sometimes due to bad weather conditions, it’s possible that the USPS rider is having trouble delivering your package on time.

This could mean it will stay in transit and show the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” status until the weather conditions improve and the mail carrier can safely bring you your mail or parcel.

2. Mail Carrier Error

Another possibility why your package shows “Awaiting Delivery Scan” could be the carrier/rider error. Most often, this happens when they have a lot of packages to deliver and are running short on time, so they forget to scan your package.

In this scenario, until the rider realizes their mistake and scans your package as delivered, you will keep seeing the “Awaiting Delivery Scan.”


USPS will mostly scan your package as delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

3. Incomplete Delivery Information

If the person or company sending your the mail or parcel provided incorrect delivery information, the carrier/rider might face trouble delivering your package in time. In this case, your package will stay in transit and show the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” status on the tracking page.

4. Technical Issues

Sometimes, the status “Awaiting Delivery Scan” pop-up because of some technical glitches in the USPS tracking system. There’s a possibility that after being scanned as delivered by the mail carrier, the system might not have been able to process the change.

However, this issue should automatically be resolved once USPS fixes the glitch.


If you’re still concerned about the status of your package, contact USPS customer service for some assistance.


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In this guide, we have discussed what “Awaiting Delivery Scan” means on USPS. We also discovered why you might see this status on the tracking page.

After reading this article, we hope you can rest easy knowing your parcel is not lost and is still in transit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a USPS Package Be Delivered Without Being Scanned?

USPS can deliver your mail or parcel without scanning the barcode if they cannot read it and the tracking number is missing. However, it’s pretty uncommon for both issues to happen at once.

What Happens if USPS Loses My Package?

You can submit an insurance claim if your mail or package contains insurance. USPS advises filing a claim for damaged and missing content of your parcel as soon as possible or within 60 days of it being sent.

Should I Be Worried if USPS Tracking Hasn’t Been Updated in 3 Days?

If your USPS tracking hasn’t been updated for three days, you don’t necessarily have to be worried. While scanning of parcels with tracking numbers is required at each stop from the point of origin to the destination, sometimes scans are missed or omitted.

Rest assured that your parcel will reach you as long as the provided address information is correct.

How Late Does USPS Deliver?

Most of the USPS deliveries are made by 5 p.m. local time. However, you may also receive your package later if there are any unusual circumstances or delays.

What To Do if Mail Is Scanned but Not Delivered?

Don’t panic if your package or mail has been scanned as delivered but you did not receive it yet. In most cases, you’ll receive it within one business day. If it’s been over a day and your package hasn’t arrived, contact your nearest post office and report your item as stolen or lost.

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