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PO Box is necessary if your business lacks a physical address or your work schedule doesn’t allow you to visit the post office daily, but many people wonder if they can get a PO Box at UPS.


UPS doesn’t offer PO boxes anymore; instead, they provide Private Mailboxes, which are more convenient and beneficial.

  1. Get to the nearest UPS store and ask the representative to allot you a Mailbox.
  2. Add personal and business information to the acquisition form they gave you.
  3. Select the appropriate box size for your business and pay accordingly.
  4. After the allotment confirmation call or message, collect the keys.
  5. Start enjoying the perks of having a Mailbox at UPS.

For your information, we have discussed below how to get a PO box at UPS, which has now been converted to the “Private Mailbox,” and explore its advantages.

Getting PO Box at UPS

Ups Locker Available 24 Hours For Package Pick-Up

UPS doesn’t offer PO boxes; instead, they declare one of its stores as your business address by allocating a Private Mailbox from where you can send or receive your mail whenever you want.

You may not be able to receive all your parcels or envelopes at your home due to your busy schedule, and it can become annoying to entertain the postman daily at your doorstep.

Therefore, If you have an online venture or planning to launch one soon, you must have a business address or Private Mailbox.

Let’s see how you can get a Private Mailbox at UPS.


UPS has shifted to Private Mailboxes because PO Box only provides you a street address, whereas Mailboxes can be treated as your business address.

Step #1: Finding UPS Store Near You

Front Of A Ups Store

In order to get a Private Mailbox at UPS, the first thing you need to do is to find one of their stores in your vicinity that you can approach easily.


UPS has multiple stores in almost every city worldwide. There were more than 5400 independently owned UPS stores in the U.S. only by the end of 2022.

Step #2: Reaching UPS Store With Documents

Signs Documents For Shipping Boxes

After selecting a suitable UPS store, reach there, talk to a representative, and ask for a Private Mailbox.

After ensuring the availability of Mailbox, they will ask you to fill out an acquisition request form which may require you to attach the following documents as a hardcopy:

For Personal Identification:

  • Corporate ID.
  • Matricula Consular (Mexico).
  • NEXUS (Canada).
  • Passport.
  • U.S. Government ID.
  • U.S. University ID.

For Business Proof:

  • Deed of trust, lease, or mortgage.
  • Form I-94.
  • Home or vehicle insurance policy.
  • Utility bill.
  • Vehicle or voter registration card.

Step #3: Selecting Mailbox Size and Pay

Mailbox At Ups

UPS charges a certain amount for the space they allot according to the box size. These Mailboxes are secure; only you with the key can open them.

The Mailboxes at UPS usually come in three sizes, as mentioned below:

  • Small UPS Mailbox: Individuals not expecting a huge number of couriers can go with small Mailboxes that range between $10 to $20 per month.
  • Medium UPS Mailbox: The medium Mailbox costs $20 to $40 a month and is ideal for households or small businesses that get mail and shipments often.
  • Large UPS Mailbox: The ones with huge businesses expecting a large volume of parcels can go with large Mailboxes ranging from $30 to $50 per month.

You must choose the appropriate box size for your business and pay accordingly. Furthermore, you can acquire Mailboxes at UPS for one month, three months, six months, and a year.

Step #4: Picking Up the Keys After Allotment

Hand Removing A Letter From Mail Box

After payment, the allocation of the Mailbox at UPS may occur instantly, and you get the keys, but in some cases, you may have to wait for 24-48 hours.


UPS only provides one key with the Mailbox; you have to pay if you want a duplicate one.

Why Choose UPS Mailboxes Over PO Boxes?

Ups Mailbox Displayed Outside

Here are some of the pros that UPS Mailboxes have over PO boxes.

1. Mailboxes Provide Business Address

UPS Private Mailboxes offer a business address, and you can use them as your permanent mail-receiving address. Hence, managing all the incoming and outgoing activities of parcels becomes easier.

On the other hand, PO Boxes only provide a street address and cannot be treated as a business location.

2. Available 24/7

PO boxes are only accessible until the office is open; you must wait for the whole night if you arrive late to receive any mail. At the same time, UPS Mailboxes are approachable 24/7.

3. Accessible To Cross Platforms

PO Boxes don’t allow other courier services, such as FedEx or DHL, to deliver parcels, while UPS Mailboxes have the facility to send and receive mail across platforms. 

4. Handle Oversidsed Parcels

If your Mailbox gets overfilled or a parcel bigger than your box size arrives at the UPS store, they will keep it and inform you to collect it. However, with a PO Box, they will refuse that package.

5. Forwarding Option

UPS also provides mail forwarding with its Private Mailboxes, so you can generate a request if you are running out of time and want to receive an essential package at your home.

6. Notifications

UPS also send notifications to their Private Mailbox holders on the dispatch and arrival of parcels through SMS and Email.


Ups Private Mailbox

In this article, we’ve discussed how to get a PO Box at UPS and the benefits of having it.

However, UPS doesn’t offer PO boxes; instead, they provide Private Mailboxes, which are more viable and affordable. We hope you can now select the correct mail-supporting service for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Write a PO Box Address With UPS?

To write a PO Box address with UPS, you will need to use the following format:

  • Recipient’s Name.
  • PO Box Number.
  • City, State ZIP Code.

Is UPS Mailbox the Same As PO Box?

No, it is not the same; a UPS Mailbox is a rental service offered by UPS Stores, independently owned and operated retail locations. On the other hand, a PO Box is a Mailbox United States Postal Service (USPS) provides specifically for mail delivery.

Can I Use UPS Mailbox As the Business Address?

Yes, you can use the UPS Mailbox as the business address, but you cannot utilize it on your credit card, driver’s license, or any other form of personal identification.

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