What Does “Arrived at FedEx Hub” Mean?

Fedex Hub

Numerous packages are being shipped every single day. Moreover, the number of packages shipped daily has multiplied with the rise of online shopping platforms and logistics apps.

These online platforms make it easy and convenient for every user to ship out parcels or receive them. You can be anywhere – at work, at home, or on vacation, and yet you can quickly purchase anything from a mobile app.

Anticipation builds as you get notifications related to your package. You have been waiting for quite some time, and you can finally get the parcel you’ve been so excited about. But what does “arrived at FedEx Hub” mean?


When you get a message indicating that your package has arrived at a FedEx Hub, your parcel has been scanned by a machine at a logistic or shipping company’s warehouse facility and is being sorted for further delivery.

This article talked about what a hub is and what it means when your package arrives at a hub. Moreover, we talked about what FedEx hubs are. Read on.

All About Sorting Hubs


Sorting Hubs are infrastructure owned by logistics or shipping companies to assist them with the delivery process. Read on to learn more about these facilities.

What is a “Hub”?


The term “hub” is used by logistics or shipping companies to refer to a sorting facility of some sort. These hubs are essential during the shipping process.

Once the shipper sends out a package, the parcel moves along with a group of other packages headed to the same region.

Before reaching the receiver, packages are further sorted and divided into groups that would head to a specific area. The sorting of packages occurs in a warehouse facility or a sorting hub.

What “Arrive at Hub” Means

Arrive At Hub

Arrive at Hub is a message informing you that your package is undergoing delivery and has reached a logistics or shipping company’s hub.

This hub receives and sorts groups of parcels to be sent out to the next location or the final destination.

Once you receive this notification, your package has been scanned by the sorting facility’s machine. Your package may be sorted to be sent to your address or continue with the delivery process and head to the next hub for further sorting.

It may take some time for your package to leave the hub, or your package may leave the facility immediately. Sometimes, packages stay within the sorting facility for a short while before they are brought to the shipping vehicles.

Your packages may also leave the sorting hub by plane or ship.

What “Arrived at FedEx Hub” Means

Arrived At Fedex Hub

Receiving a notification related to your shipment builds up anticipation. However, it may be hard to comprehend what these notifications mean.

When you receive a notification that says “arrived at FedEx Hub,” your package is currently at a sorting facility. You received a notification when the sorting facility’s machine scanned the item.

Your parcel is in the FedEx hub if such a message remains on your notification page. Therefore, the package has not been loaded into a shipping vehicle to continue the shipping process.

This notification usually occurs when packages arrive early at the FedEx Hub. Second, it may occur when the packages arrive late at the sorting facility due to transport or weather issues. Lastly, this message may occur when packages arrive at the warehouse on weekends.

Packages that arrive on the weekends are not shipped out until Monday. Thus, parcels may stay at the sorting hub for some time before being shipped out on weekdays.


When your package has arrived at a FedEx Hub, it means that it is being sorted along with other parcels for further delivery. For example, your package may be grouped with other parcels headed to the same region before loading into delivery vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a FedEx Hub?

A FedEx Hub is a facility where parcels are stored and tracked.

What Is a Destination Hub?

A destination hub is a facility where packages are unloaded to be sorted for further delivery.

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