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What Does “Currently Unavailable” Mean on Uber Eats?

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If you’ve ever used Uber Eats, you may have come across a situation where your favorite restaurant is listed as “Currently Unavailable”. This can be confusing and frustrating, especially when you’re hungry and looking forward to a specific meal. But what does this status actually mean? In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the reasons why a restaurant might be “Currently Unavailable” on Uber Eats and what you can do about it.


The “Currently Unavailable” status on Uber Eats typically means that the restaurant is not accepting orders at the moment. This could be due to the restaurant being closed, being offline on the Uber Eats app, being too busy or understaffed, or experiencing technical issues with their Uber Eats tablet. It’s a temporary status related to the specific restaurant and not the Uber Eats app itself.

Understanding the “Currently Unavailable” Status

The “Currently Unavailable” status on Uber Eats typically means that the restaurant is not accepting orders at the moment. This can happen for various reasons:

  1. The restaurant is not open or accepting orders at the moment: Restaurants have specific operating hours, and once they’re closed, you cannot order from them. Some restaurants may also stop accepting orders on Uber Eats during busy periods.
  2. The restaurant is offline on the Uber Eats orders app or tablet: Uber Eats provides a tablet to all its partner restaurants to manage orders. If the restaurant goes offline on this app or tablet, it will show as “Currently Unavailable”.
  3. The restaurant is swamped or understaffed: If a restaurant is too busy or doesn’t have enough staff to handle the volume of orders, they might temporarily stop taking orders through the app.
  4. Technical issues with the restaurant’s Uber Eats tablet: Sometimes, technical difficulties with the restaurant’s Uber Eats tablet can cause the restaurant to appear as “Currently Unavailable”.

It’s important to note that this status has nothing to do with the Uber Eats app itself. Uber Eats operates 24/7, so it is always open. The “Currently Unavailable” status is usually related to the specific restaurant.

How Operational Hours Affect Availability

A restaurant’s operational hours can greatly affect its availability on Uber Eats. Restaurants can choose their operating hours on Uber Eats, which may not always align with their in-person operating hours. For instance, a restaurant may be open for in-person dining but not available on Uber Eats until later.

Peak hours for Uber Eats typically coincide with meal times, specifically the lunch rush from 12 PM to 2 PM and the dinner rush from 5 PM to 9 PM. During these times, there is a higher demand for drivers, and restaurants are likely to be more active on the platform.

Location and Delivery Radius

A restaurant’s location and delivery radius also play a significant role in its availability on Uber Eats. The delivery radius is generally about two miles from the restaurant, but it can vary depending on factors such as traffic, time of day, and the availability of drivers. If a restaurant is located too far away from a customer, they may not see it on their Uber Eats feed.

What to Do When a Restaurant is “Currently Unavailable”

If you encounter a “Currently Unavailable” status for a restaurant on Uber Eats, you can either wait for the restaurant to become available again or choose to order from a different restaurant. If the status persists, it might be worth contacting the restaurant directly to inquire about their availability on Uber Eats.

You can also check the restaurant’s operational hours on the Uber Eats app by clicking on the restaurant’s name to open its profile. The operational hours should be displayed on the restaurant’s profile page.

In conclusion, the “Currently Unavailable” status on Uber Eats is usually a temporary issue related to the specific restaurant, not the app itself. Understanding the reasons behind this status can help you plan your orders better and manage your expectations when using Uber Eats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the delivery radius of a restaurant matter on Uber Eats?

The delivery radius matters because it determines how far a restaurant can deliver its orders. If a customer is located outside this radius, they will not see the restaurant on their Uber Eats feed.

Can I contact the restaurant directly through the Uber Eats app if it’s “Currently Unavailable”?

No, the Uber Eats app does not provide a direct line of communication with the restaurant. If you wish to contact a restaurant that’s “Currently Unavailable”, you will need to find their contact information outside of the app.

What happens if a restaurant remains “Currently Unavailable” for a long time on Uber Eats?

If a restaurant remains “Currently Unavailable” for an extended period, it might be experiencing technical issues or it may have chosen to stop accepting orders through Uber Eats. It’s recommended to contact the restaurant directly for more information.

Can a restaurant decide to not accept orders through Uber Eats even during its operational hours?

Yes, a restaurant has the autonomy to decide when it accepts orders through Uber Eats. It may choose to not accept orders during busy periods or when understaffed, even during its operational hours.

What happens if a restaurant’s Uber Eats tablet has a technical glitch?

If a restaurant’s Uber Eats tablet experiences a technical glitch, it will appear as “Currently Unavailable” on the app. The restaurant will need to resolve the issue with Uber Eats’ support to get back online.

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