What Does “On FedEx Vehicle For Delivery” Mean?

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FedEx is well known for its reliable and quick delivery service. If you have ever used it to send your parcel, you might have noticed one of its tracking terms, “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery.” What does it mean for your package? Should you be excited?


It’s normal to get excited about a status like “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery.” The meaning is self-explanatory, your package is loaded onto the FedEx truck, which will soon leave for delivery.

There is a high chance that you might receive your package on the same day, but not always. Some factors can also result in delays.

Read on to find out what “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” means for your package and how soon you will receive it.

FedEx Tracking

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FedEx is one of the most well-known names in the courier business. It has been providing expeditious delivery services for over 50 years and continues to grow.

With the advancement of technology, FedEx stays up to date with technologies used in courier services and aims to utilize the latest trends.

One of these innovations allows its users to track their packages through its Tracking Service. You can keep track of your parcel’s progress through the tracking number, reference number, or transportation control number. These parameters act as a fingerprint or unique identifier for each package and help distinguish one from another.

While using the FedEx tracking service, you’ll come across many different tracking terms. Some might be confusing, while others may be pretty straightforward to understand.

There’s nothing to worry about; FedEx has explained some of its commonly used terminologies on its website. As far as the term “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” is concerned, we’ve got you covered.

On FedEx Vehicle For Delivery

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FedEx uses its innovative tracking system to scan the package from sender to recipient at every checkpoint of its journey. The system updates the latest information about your package’s whereabouts as soon as the package gets scanned at a checkpoint.

When a parcel enters the final stages of its journey, it ends up at the FedEx location nearest to the recipient’s address, and the status changes to “At Destination Sort Facility.” At this point, all the packages are sorted according to their routes and loaded onto trucks.

As soon as your package is loaded on a truck, the status will be updated to “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery.” The terminology is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, which tells you that your package is now loaded on the FedEx vehicle and will be set out for delivery soon.

Similar Terms

With the status “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery,” it’s common to assume that the package is out for delivery, but that’s not the case. Be careful, and don’t confuse “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” with “Out for Delivery.”

The status will be updated to “Out for Delivery” when a truck carrying your package leaves the warehouse to make deliveries.

Delayed Delivery

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Most of us will get excited that the package is on its way, but it’s not yet. The package has just been loaded onto the truck, awaiting a green signal to start its journey.

You should be excited when the status gets updated to “Out for Delivery” because this is where the truck leaves its local station.

The status “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” sure does mean that the package delivery is entering its final stages. Still, there’s no guarantee that the package will be at your doorstep right after the status.

There might be some possible setbacks or delays.

1. Any Hindrance

A few circumstances, like protests or harsh weather conditions, will defer the delivery until the situation clears, and your package might still be on a truck awaiting delivery.

2. Weekend or Holiday

If, in any case, your package gets loaded on a truck and the next day is off for FedEx drivers, your package will stay on an idle truck at the warehouse and will resume delivery on the next working day.

3. Scanning Mishap

Sometimes you can also get false information on the tracking system. If your package gets wrongly scanned at a checkpoint rather than its actual checkpoint, you might get an inaccurate update, leading to confusion.

Change of Plans

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What if the system updates the tracking status to “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery,” and you are away from home or can’t receive the package for some reason?

There are a few things that you can consider.

Re-Route Your Package

FedEx has introduced an innovative solution for customers to have better access to their deliveries. FedEx Delivery Manager is a great tool that you can sign up for and get all the information concerning your package.

It also offers the flexibility to add special instructions for the mail handler, like when, how, and where to receive the package.

If you are away from home and unable to receive the package, you can re-route it to the new address with the help of the FedEx Delivery Manager. Or you can ship it to any of your relatives’ or friends’ place and pick it up later.

Hold at FedEx Location

When it comes to flexibility, FedEx provides the best of it. It offers a “Hold at Location” service where you can request to keep your package at the office or warehouse, whichever location from where you can collect it later. You can do this either through the tracking page or using the delivery manager.


Fedex Driver Loading Boxes Into Delivery Truck

Understanding the terminologies used by the FedEx tracking system can be confusing for new users. Once you get the “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” status, you should be excited, but not too much. The package is in the final stages of its delivery, but it still awaits delivery.

This status simply means that your package is now loaded onto the truck, and if all goes well, it will be shipped soon.

In case you change your mind and want to change the address or hold the package at the office and collect it yourself, you can do that with the help of the FedEx Delivery Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Receive My Package the Same Day When the Status Is Updated to “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery”?

You might or might not; it depends on the situation. “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” means that your package is now on a FedEx truck; there’s no guarantee that you will receive it the same day.

In some situations, your package may be on the truck, but the truck won’t move for days. Once it gets rolling, the status will change to “Out for Delivery.”

What if I’m Not Home and the Status Is Updated to “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery”?

Suppose you cannot receive the package for some reason. In that case, you use FedEx Delivery Manager to re-route your package to some other address, or you can also use its Hold at Location service to hold the package for you to collect later from the office.

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