Does UPS Deliver When It Rains?

Ups Deliver

Expecting a UPS package during rainy weather can create a stressful situation; you might be compelled to find out whether a UPS driver will leave your package outside in the rain or make any efforts to protect it.


UPS drivers are trained to deliver the package in almost every situation, so rainy weather is not a problem unless it’s a dangerous rainstorm.

Most of the time, the UPS driver will use plastic bags to protect your parcel from rain and try to keep it on high or dry ground.

If it’s impossible to drop off your package in inclement weather, the driver might leave a note informing you about the situation and attempt to deliver later.

UPS will halt deliveries in extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and blizzards.

It’s a relief to discover that UPS will still try to deliver your package amidst the rain, but let’s look at what happens to your package during the rainy season and how UPS drivers tackle this.

UPS and Wet Weather Deliveries

Wet Deliveries

UPS is a leading courier service that ensures speedy deliveries with greater accuracy in almost all countries worldwide. But what if you encounter a nail-biting situation where it starts raining and expect a package through UPS?

You might wonder how UPS drivers will encounter this situation and what will happen to your package.

Let us share some good news; your package is in good hands.

When UPS drivers are hired, they undergo extensive training at a UPS training school called Integrad. It prepares them for every kind of situation, including inclement weather.

One part of this training program is called the “slip and fall” station, where the drivers learn to walk and handle their deliveries in slippery conditions.

So if you are experiencing inclement weather in your region, you should not be much worried about your package; UPS drivers are trained well enough to handle deliveries in wet weather.

UPS Service Alerts

UPS Service Alerts is a platform designed to provide updates about extreme weather conditions, which can disrupt deliveries.

If you are unsure whether the delivery is halted until further notice, you can check this page out or track your package individually to confirm if there are any exceptions.

Let’s look at how UPS drivers deliver your package during rainy weather:

1. Using Plastic Bags

Plastic Bag For Delivery

A UPS driver will first analyze your package to see if it’s waterproof; if it is, there won’t be any issues. But in most cases, the package is made of corrugated cardboard, which is not waterproof.

In such situations, the driver will try to use a plastic bag called a “driver release bag” and put your package in it. However, if your parcel is too big to fit in a single bag, the driver will use two bags to protect the package from rain.

2. Putting the Packages in Dry Places

Package In Dry Place

Any UPS driver’s most straightforward approach for delivery during rainy weather is to look for dry spots on your porch.

If there are any dry and high grounds, he’ll leave your package in that safe spot and skip the bag in case they need it later.

3. Handing It Over to Neighbors

Receiving Package

If you live in a friendly neighborhood and get along well with your neighbors, you can have extra support during your time of need.

Some UPS drivers are familiar with the neighborhood and know who to trust with your package. If your neighbors are kind enough to keep your package safe for you to pick up later, the UPS driver might leave it with them.

4. Leaving a Note

Delivery Note

If all else fails, the driver will leave a delivery notice at your doorstep to inform you that the delivery attempt was unsuccessful, and the next attempt will be made once the situation has cleared.

Extreme Weather Conditions

UPS will halt its deliveries in severe conditions like:

  • Hurricanes or tornado
  • Blizzards or snowstorm
  • Flooding
  • Wildfires
  • Earthquakes

Or any other situation that poses a risk for UPS drivers, the delivery will be halted until the situation clears.

Tips To Recieve Your Package During Rain

Package Delivery In Rain

In addition to the driver’s efforts, you can play your part in receiving a package successfully during rain.

Let’s see how you can make it easier:

1. Communicate Delivery Instructions

You can leave special instructions to inform the driver about handling your package when it’s raining. Mention any designated safe spots in the delivery notes to make it easier for the driver.

Furthermore, you could also highlight the details of your neighbor who could receive it for you.

2. Use UPS My Choice

UPS tries to ensure a seamless shipping experience and has designed a dedicated platform for its customers to control their deliveries better.

UPS My Choice allows you to reroute your package to a different address or hold it at the nearest UPS location for you to collect it later.

3. Invest in Storage Container

If you live in a region that experiences frequent rainfall and always have to deal with wet delivery situations, purchasing a large plastic storage container from the nearest hardware store is recommended.

You can keep this container on the porch and won’t have to worry anymore about your packages getting damaged by the rain.


UPS tries its best to deliver the packages in rainy weather, except for life-threatening rainstorms. Most drivers will try to use plastic bags to cover your package and keep it in a dry place to protect it from water.

If delivering your package is impossible, you might find a UPS Delivery Notice on your porch with updates and instructions.

Moreover, you can also leave special instructions or place a storage container on your porch to play your part and make it easier for the UPS driver to deliver your package during the rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Responsible for a Package Damaged by Rain?

UPS leaves a package on your doorstep for you to collect soon, but if you don’t pick it up after several hours and it rains, UPS will not be responsible for the damage.

However, you can file a claim if the driver has not tried to protect your package.

Are Ups Packages Waterproof?

Most UPS packages are made from corrugated cardboard and are suitable to protect the contents from shocks during transit, but they are not good enough to fight the water.

Some shippers can also wrap up their parcels in additional waterproof packaging, making them waterproof.

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