Where Are Scales in Walmart?

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Walmart is a go-to destination for many of our daily needs. But, when it comes to finding specific items in-store, it can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Where are scales in Walmart?” this comprehensive guide is for you.


Scales at Walmart can typically be found in the Health and Wellness department, specifically in the bathroom scales and weight scales sections. The aisle numbers may vary, but generally, bathroom scales can be found on aisle M22 and kitchen scales on aisle I29. You can use the Walmart app to find the exact location in your local store. Scales can also be purchased online on Walmart’s website.

Aisle Locations

Scales at Walmart can typically be found in one of two locations–aisle M22 and aisle I29. Aisle M22 is where you will find bathroom scales, while kitchen scales can be found on aisle I29. However, keep in mind that aisle numbers may vary depending on the specific Walmart store.

To find the exact location of scales in your local Walmart, you can use the Walmart app, which allows you to search for an item and find the correct aisle location.

Department Locations

When shopping at Walmart, you can find scales in the Health and Wellness department. Specifically, look for the bathroom scales and weight scales sections. Here, they offer a variety of scales, including digital scales, body weight scales, and mechanical scales.

Variety of Scales

The types of scales available at Walmart include:

  1. Bathroom scales: These are used to measure body weight and can be found in the home health care section. Some popular options include the Health O Meter Digital Bathroom Scale and the RENPHO Digital Body Weight Scale.
  2. Kitchen scales: These are used for measuring ingredients in cooking and baking.
  3. Luggage scales: These are used to weigh luggage before traveling to ensure it meets airline weight restrictions.
  4. Postal scales: These are used to weigh packages and letters for shipping purposes.

Digital or Non-Digital?

Yes, Walmart sells both digital and non-digital scales. You can find digital scales in their Bathroom Scales section, with products such as Ktaxon Bathroom Weight Scale and Weight Watchers Scales by Conair Clear Digital Glass Bathroom Scale. They also offer non-digital, mechanical analog bath scales, such as the Mainstays Analog Bathroom Scale and Taylor Analog Black Bathroom Scale.


There are different brands of scales available at Walmart. Some popular brands include RENPHO, Weight Watchers by Conair, Ozeri, Ktaxon, and FITINDEX. You can find these scales in-store or online at Walmart’s website.

Price Range

The price range of scales at Walmart varies depending on the type of scale and its features. For bathroom scales, prices can range from $13.99 to $59.99. Food scales can be found for as low as $9.92 and up to $54.99. Gram scales are available from $5.99 to $19.00. Digital kitchen scales can be found for as low as $8.77 and up to $12.08. Mechanical bathroom scales range from $29.78 to $139.00.

Online or In-Store Shopping

Scales can be purchased from Walmart both online and in-store. For online purchases, you can visit Walmart’s website and browse through their selection of bathroom scales, weight scales, digital scales, and body weight scales.

Top-Rated Scales

Some of the top-rated scales available at Walmart include:

  1. RENPHO Digital Body Weight Scale
  2. RENPHO Bluetooth Smart Scales
  3. FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
  4. Weight Watchers by Conair Bluetooth Body Analysis Bathroom Scale
  5. Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale
  6. Ktaxon Bathroom Weight Scale

Walmart’s Return Policy

Walmart’s return policy allows customers to return or replace items sold and shipped by Walmart within 90 days of receipt. This policy applies to scales as well. To be eligible for a return, make sure you have the receipt for the purchase.

With this comprehensive guide, finding scales at Walmart should be a walk in the park. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of kitchen scales are available at Walmart?

Walmart offers both digital and analog kitchen scales. Some popular options include the Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale and the Mainstays Slim Digital Kitchen Scale.

Can I order scales from Walmart online and pick them up in-store?

Yes, Walmart offers an online order and in-store pick-up option. You can select your desired scales on Walmart’s website and choose the ‘Pickup’ option during checkout.

Does Walmart offer smart scales that can connect to my smartphone?

Yes, Walmart offers smart scales that can connect to your smartphone. Brands such as RENPHO and FITINDEX offer Bluetooth-enabled scales that can sync with your smartphone and help you track your weight and other health metrics.

Are baby scales available at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart does carry baby scales in their baby department. Some popular options include the Health o Meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale and the Salter Baby/ Toddler Scale.

What are the operating hours of Walmart?

Walmart store hours can vary by location, but many stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To check the hours of a specific Walmart store, visit the Walmart Store Finder and enter your location.

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