How To Share Walmart Shopping Cart

Walmart Shopping Cart

Are you looking for ways to share your Walmart shopping list with your family and friends? It must be convenient to have other people help you out with your groceries and vice versa.

But you wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of searching for a different website to share your Walmart cart.

Luckily, the Share-A-Cart plugin makes sharing lists quick and easy. In addition, this plugin does not require a login, nor do you have to open another tab to access the software. But how exactly do you share your Walmart shopping cart through Share-A-Cart?


To share your Walmart list, shop at the Walmart website like you normally would.

Once you’ve finished adding to your cart, you can access the Share-A-Cart plugin to generate a code. The recipient can input this code in the plugin, immediately gain access to your cart, and proceed with checkout.

This article discussed the Share-A-Cart plugin, why you need it, and how to download it. Moreover, we briefly discuss how to use the software. Read on.

The Share-A-Cart Plugin


Share-A-Cart is a plugin that allows you to share your Walmart shopping cart with friends, family, colleagues, or just about anyone. This software does not complete transactions but merely transfers the goods from one cart to another.

Why You Need Share-A-Cart


Share-A-Cart allows you to send your shopping list directly to another Walmart list or account. Sharing your grocery list becomes stress-free with Share-A-Cart.

You don’t need to share your private credentials to access your account’s shopping list. You also don’t need to take countless screenshots that fill up your gallery and phone storage.

All you need is a code the plugin provides, and the receiver can get your Walmart list without a sweat.

Share-A-Cart won’t ask you to log in. You don’t even need to have an account to use the software. To share a list, you don’t need to memorize your username or password.

The most convenient part: you don’t need to leave the Walmart site to share your list. Tap the plugin and generate the code.

Downloading the Software

Software Download

You can download the plugin through a browser extension store or the app store. From here, install Share-A-Cart. The install button can appear as an addition to your browser button.

Next, go to your Extensions settings. This may look like a puzzle icon on the top right portion of your browser.

Look for the Share-A-Cart plugin to see if it has been activated. If not, you can click on Manage Extensions, find Share-A-Cart and turn the switch on to start using the plugin.

Using Share-A-Cart Plugin


Start sharing your list with anyone.

Add items to your Walmart cart like you would normally do. Next, access the Share-A-Cart extension.

From here, you will be asked if you want to create a Cart ID or receive a cart. If you intend to share your list, you will be the one to generate the code to send to your friends. On the other hand, you can enter a code given to you if you intend to receive a list.

Once you’ve generated a unique code, you can copy the code to your clipboard. You can also directly share the code with popular applications.

Once the recipient enters your unique code, they can access your Walmart cart as they shopped for it themselves.


Share-A-Cart is an easy way to share your Walmart Shopping list without needing an account or browsing another site apart from Walmart.

You can generate a code and share it with your friends. Then, they can view your Walmart list and proceed with checkout in a snap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Share a Walmart Shopping List?

Yes, you may send it through the Share-A-Cart plugin.

How Do I Share My Walmart Account?

You can add a user through the user management setting.

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