How To Share a Cart on Instacart

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Sharing a cart with your friend or a family member on Instacart allows you to thoroughly check your shopping list and eliminate the chances of missing items or making mistakes.


To share a cart on Instacart:

  • Get an Instacart+ monthly or annual membership.
  • Start a family account by sending a link to your loved ones and asking them to join it.
  • Finally, shop together and enjoy the experience.

Below, we have written a guide on how to share a cart on Instacart to make the shopping experience breezy for you and your loved ones and enjoy great benefits.

Sharing a Cart on Instacart

Instacart is a grocery service that delivers on the same day. It has partnered with popular supermarkets and other retailers, allowing you to shop online.

The service was launched in 2012 and has grown to serve customers in many cities and states across the United States and Canada.

Grocery shopping can often be a time-consuming and tedious task, especially when you have to go to the store and navigate through crowded aisles.

So, shopping online with Instacart and sharing a cart with your friend or family is a fun way to shop together and keep the items in check.


According to a recent survey, the number of online shoppers in the US is increasing at a rapid pace.

Let’s look at the complete method of sharing a cart on Instacart and make the experience collaborative.

Step #1: Getting an Instacart+ Membership

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Sharing your Instacart with your friends and family is possible if you are an Instacart+ member.


Before paying for a membership, you can get a free two-week trial.

To begin, head to the Instacart website and log in with your credentials. Create an account on the site if you don’t have one. After accessing the home page, click on the three horizontal lines.

Now select Instacart+ membership and choose your preferred plan. The annual plan costs $99/year, and the monthly plan is $9.99/month which you can pay through PayPal, debit, or credit card.


Instacart+ membership is a monthly/annual subscription, and you are charged a recurring fee that you can cancel at any time.

Instacart+ members receive free delivery on orders over $35 and a reduced service fee.

Step #2: Starting a Family Account

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The Instacart+ family account allows two customers to share a single Instacart+ membership, which means that your partner is not required to get a membership.

To create a family account, click the three horizontal lines, scroll down, and click “Start a Family Account.” Next, copy the invite link from the same account page and share it with your friend or a family member.

Ask the other person to click on the link, create an Instacart account, or sign in to an existing one; click the “Join Family Account” option to proceed, and that’s about it.

Now, you or your partner can keep adding items to the cart, viewing it simultaneously.


People with a family cart can check out and place the order using their account payment method. However, you can’t currently split payment between cart members.

Moreover, you can easily switch between carts and choose the “Shop with Family Cart” or “Shop with Personal Cart” option anytime.

Sharing a cart lets both members stay informed on the order’s progress through Instacart notifications. However, only the person who checked out the order can select replacements, edit the order, and communicate with the shopper.


You can get 5% credit back on eligible Instacart pickup orders.


In this article, we have explored the entire method of how to share a cart on Instacart and whether buying an Instacart+ membership is worth it.

We hope this information has been valuable to maximize your convenience when it comes to Instacart shopping and sharing your cart for the added benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Delivery Process Work for a Shared Instacart Cart?

The delivery process for a shared Instacart cart works similarly to a regular Instacart order. Once the order has been placed, an Instacart shopper will pick up the items from the selected retailer and deliver them to the designated address.

Each person sharing the cart will receive a notification when the order has been placed, and they can also track the delivery progress.

How Can I Track the Status of a Shared Instacart Cart?

You can track the status of a shared cart by using the Instacart app for mobile devices or heading to the company’s website.

How Can I Stop Sharing My Instacart Cart With Someone Else?

Using the app or website, you can stop sharing your Instacart cart with someone else. To do this, click the “Manage Family Account” option and simply remove the person.

However, you cannot stop sharing a cart if an order has already been placed, so removing someone from the cart is best before order processing.

How Does Instacart Handle Conflicts or Disagreements Between People Sharing a Cart?

Instacart handles conflicts or disagreements between people sharing a cart by providing options for resolving the issue on mutual consent.

However, if a disagreement cannot be resolved through these means, Instacart recommends contacting customer support for assistance.

How Do I Know if Someone Has Accepted My Invitation To Collaborate on My Instacart Cart?

You will receive a notification in the app or via email if someone has accepted your invitation to collaborate on your Instacart cart.

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