What Does Tracking Say When Package Is Seized at FedEx?

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Many people rely on shipping to conveniently deliver goods to different places. Excitement rushes to anyone who may be expecting a package they ordered. And it’s a breath of fresh air when your package is delivered smoothly and uninterruptedly.

But what are the odds of your package being seized at FedEx?


You are informed about your package if it is scanned as “seized by law enforcement.” This notification will appear on the tracking page.

However, the parcel may not be scanned under such a category if law enforcement wants to investigate or arrest someone. They would not leave the person a “seized by law enforcement” message.

In this article, we tackle the possibility of your package being seized. We will let you know if you could be notified of a seized package. Read on!

Why Packages Are Seized

Your package may be subject to seizure if law enforcement finds it suspicious, if it violates shipping restrictions, or if the sender or recipient is subject to a criminal investigation.

If your package is not labeled accurately, it may be seized to assess if it is potentially harmful.

1. Package Identified As Contraband

Boxes And Prohibition Symbol No.

Even if a package is legal in your state, it may be illegal in others. Some states restrict the importing or exporting of some goods.

For instance, the recreational usage of weed is legal in some states and illegal in others. Shipping marijuana to a state that prohibits such usage is contraband.

2. Package Violates Trade Regulations

Illegal Traffic Of Drugs And Illicit Goods

Regardless of the content, some states prevent the importing or exporting specific goods from certain regions or states.

Trade Embargo bans trade with a specific country. Thus, it is important to double-check if you are shipping a good to a place under a trade sanction.

3. Package Is Found Suspicious

Magnifying Glass Is Looking At The Cardboard Boxes On A White Background.

Whether your package is illegal or not, if law enforcement suspects a speck of danger inside the parcel, it could be seized.

If your package is identified as safe after investigation, it will be shipped out.

4. Sender or Recipient Under Criminal Investigation

Detective Hand Holding A Magnifying Glass In Front Of A Board With Evidence, Crime Scene Photos And Map. High Contrast Image

Should the sender or recipient be under investigation, the package may be seized. Moreover, law enforcement will seize a package if they find it dangerous or suspicious, even if you are not being investigated.

Notifications on Seized Packages

You can be notified via the tracking page if the sender or recipient is not under investigation. Your package will be scanned as “seized by law enforcement.”

If someone is under investigation, chances are the product will not be scanned under this category.


A package may be seized if it is subject to investigation if law enforcement suspects it to be dangerous or violates trade rules.

Depending on the criminal investigation, you may or may not be notified about this seizure. If a sender or recipient is not investigated, a package may be scanned as “seized by law enforcement.” Such messages will appear on tracking pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if My Package Got Seized?

If the package had been scanned, you could get the message that your package had been seized by law enforcement on the tracking page.

Where Does the Package Go if It Had Been Seized?

A package is stored in a Seized Property Warehouse. The package stays there until it has been cleared and is ready to be released.

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