How To Get Rehired at Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a great opportunity for people looking to make the best use of their spare time and earn some extra dollars. All you need to do is use your vehicle to make a couple of Amazon deliveries every hour in your chosen block/area.

But, sometimes, you may stop working voluntarily for Amazon Flex or be terminated for a policy violation or not meeting their work standards.

If you want to start working for Amazon Flex again, you need to consider the key question “How to get rehired at Amazon Flex?” and prepare for the same accordingly.


Amazon Flex helps you earn extra bucks by making deliveries. However, Amazon Flex is quite stringent about its work standards and may terminate your services for any of the following or other reasons:

  • Not meeting delivery timelines consistently.
  • Violating any of the work policies.
  • Not reporting for work or not showing up on time consistently.
  • Working under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Your account has remained inactive for more than six months.

In such scenarios, there is usually a 10-day appeal period, during which you can appeal against your termination and ask to be reinstated. But the same depends on the circumstances of your termination and the management team.

If you resign from your position and leave on good terms, the chances of getting rehired are better.

This article guides you on how to get rehired at Amazon Flex if you are interested in working with them again.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex

As Amazon scales its business, it needs more people it can depend upon to deliver customer orders on time. It has a part-time employment program known as Amazon Flex to meet this business need.

People hired under this program must deliver Amazon shipments in the blocks of their choice using their vehicles. You have the flexibility to work as many hours as you want, provided you work diligently to deliver the shipments to the customers on time.

Amazon takes immense pride in delivering its shipments on time and, to enforce the same, has laid down stringent guidelines and policies for people who wish to work with Amazon Flex.

Some people, however, fail to follow these policies, due to which Amazon Flex is forced to terminate their services. There are also a few people who may leave Amazon Flex on their own for personal reasons and wish to join back again.

But before we get into that, let’s look at some reasons you could be terminated from Amazon Flex.

Your suspension or termination from Amazon Flex could be temporary or permanent based on the severity of your violation.

Some of the factors that Amazon is very particular about and does not tolerate are:

1. Account Not Active

If you have not been active with Amazon Flex and have not done a single delivery in the last six months, your account could be deactivated or suspended.

This is because Amazon flex assumes that you are no longer interested in the part-time gig offered by them or have taken up some other employment. In this scenario, it is easier to get rehired, provided no complaints or violations have been lodged against you.

2. Violation of Its Work Harassment Policy

Though you are not a direct employee of Amazon Flex or an independent contractor, their work harassment policy still applies to you.

Suppose a co-worker or another employee complains against you of sexual or workplace harassment, posting lewd messages and graphics or physical advances, etc. In that case, Amazon Flex will immediately terminate your services.

Amazon Flex workers who are fired for this violation are seldom reinstated. However, if you feel the charges against you are false and mala fide, you can appeal against the same within ten days of getting your termination notice.

3. Using Alcohol or Drugs

Amazon Flex has a zero-tolerance policy towards any employees or contractors driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and immediately terminates their services.

The chances of being rehired in this scenario are quite difficult.

4. Being Inconsistent With Deliveries

Missing your delivery blocks or not showing up for work without prior intimation could lead to you being awarded a penalty the first couple of times. However, if you keep missing your delivery blocks regularly, they may suspend or deactivate your account.

In such cases, you may need to wait for a year to be rehired again. Moreover, you will also need to explain how you have improved over the last year and how you plan to avoid the same mistakes again.

5. Carrying a Weapon

Amazon Flex has a zero-tolerance policy towards carrying a weapon with you while on duty, even if you have a license for the same. A violation of this rule will lead to immediate termination, with very slim chances of being rehired alter.

6. Driving for Rideshare or Other Companies

Since it violates their policies, you cannot simultaneously work on Amazon Flex block deliveries and work as a Rideshare driver.

It can lead to a temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

Get Rehired

Rehire At Amazon

You can be rehired at Amazon Flex based on certain conditions, such as your past conduct, the reason for leaving/being terminated from Amazon Flex, etc.

Waiting Period

Employees and contract workers who quit Amazon Flex can reapply after 90 days of quitting the company.

Employees terminated due to a work policy violation may need to wait up to a year to apply again.
However, if you feel the termination/suspension is wrong, you can appeal against the same within ten days of receiving the notice.

If your account has been suspended for no activity in the last six months, you can get reinstated by applying for the same. There is no waiting period in such cases.

How To Appeal

You can appeal against your suspension/termination through the Appeal Link in the mail you receive from Amazon Flex. Alternatively, you can appeal by emailing the contact details mentioned.

Make sure you study the reasons for your suspension/termination and answer accurately and concisely. It should clearly state the reasons it happened and apologize for the same if there is an error on your part.

You will then receive an email from Amazon Flex confirming your appeal and the next steps you need to take.

As a part of the appeal process, you may be asked to do the following:

  1. Schedule a video call/interview with your seniors to explain why the suspension/termination is wrong in case of an error from the Amazon Flex team.
  2. Alternatively, you may be asked to share your viewpoint on the violation and how you have improved/plan to correct the same.
  3. Submit documents supporting your claim.
  4. Ensure that all your other documents, i.e., government-issued ID, vehicle registration, driving license, etc., are in order and as per Amazon Flex requirements.

Permanent Termination/Suspension

Amazon Flex

There may be scenarios wherein you are not eligible to be rehired by Amazon Flex, such as a sexual harassment complaint against you, use of drugs & alcohol or carrying weapons while on duty, and working with other delivery service providers or car services while out on deliveries.


Amazon Flex is a great place to work and earn a part-time income. However, to ensure continuity at this job, you must follow all its work-related policies diligently or face the risk of suspension or even termination.

In exceptional cases, Amazon Flex may consider rehiring you if they find your reasons submitted by you for the misconduct or policy violation to be correct or an error on their part.

You can also apply to be rehired if you have left Amazon on good terms and have no violations or complaints against you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do You Need To Wait To Reapply at Amazon Flex?

If you have resigned from Amazon Flex and have no complaints or violations against your name, you can apply 90 days after leaving the company.

If you are terminated, you may apply after 6 or 12 months, as specified in the notice you receive.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rehired?

If you are an ex-employee with a good record with the company, you may expect an answer within 1 to 2 days on the next steps for rehiring after submitting your application.

If you have been terminated or your account has been deactivated, the process may be longer as your application will be reconsidered.

In addition, you may be asked to attend an interview and submit additional documents to justify your application for being rehired.

In What Scenarios Will I Not Be Hired Again?

In cases where you have been accused of workplace harassment, gross misconduct, and severe violation of their workplace policies, you may be ineligible to be hired again.

Breaching the organization’s trust, many customer complaints, not completing your delivery blocks on time consistently, and frequent no-shows may also lead to you not being hired again.

How Long Should My Account Be Active To Avoid Suspension?

Your account should not be inactive for more than six months to avoid being suspended.

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