How Much Do Amazon Box Truck Drivers Make?

How Much Do Amazon Box Truck Drivers Make?

Amazon Relay has provided many opportunities for trucking companies to expand their business and guarantee loads to move.

This platform prevents idle days and unproductive schedules.

Through Amazon relay, companies can create sustainable revenue for their business with guaranteed schedules and bookings.

But as a driver, how much can you possibly make?


Website ZipRecruiter lists an average of $29 per hour with an annual salary reaching around sixty thousand dollars.

The Youtuber Trucking Empire shares that he earned $2.20-$4.97 per mile.

The ranges vary, but it should help you estimate potential earnings for an Amazon truck driver. Taking this estimate with a grain of salt is important since bookings vary from driver to driver.

This article discusses Amazon Relay and the three means you can work for the platform.

Furthermore, we talk about how the Amazon Relay app helps drivers and an estimate of how much box truck drivers can make. Read on!

All About Amazon Relay

All About Amazon Relay

Amazon Relay provides carriers and truck drivers opportunities to haul Amazon items.

Amazon relay gives businesses and workers in the trucking industry a platform to earn and grow their business.

You have three means to work as a hauler for Amazon Relay. These options are listed below.

1. Short-Term Contracts

Short-Term Contracts

You can book a day or multiple days with short-term contracts, guaranteeing you Amazon loads to move.

With this method, you can set the weekly schedules for your drivers.

Because you are assured of having loads to move, you can guarantee revenue for your business.

2. Load Board

Load Board

The load board allows you to view available work for Amazon.

This platform provides transparent pricing and convenience, allowing you to book the job as soon as possible.

3. Post a Truck

Post A Truck

Through the platform, you can post the availability of your trucks for Amazon to match potential loads you can move based on your location, details, and requirements.

Amazon Truck Driving

Amazon Truck Driving

The Amazon Relay app provides drivers with updated schedules and notifications.

Amazon Box truck drivers can view in-yard instructions through the app, preventing long hours of stalling and idle moments.

The Relay app provides instant check-in and checkout methods to guide drivers effectively.

Amazon Box Truck Driver Salary

Amazon Box Truck Driver Salary

ZipRecruiter lists an average of $29 per hour and an approximate annual salary of $61,251.

Trucking Empire on YouTube lets you glimpse his earnings, resulting in $2.20 – $4.97 per mile.

It is important to note that rates vary per booking and schedule.


Amazon Relay is a platform that guarantees loads for trucking companies and drivers to move, ensuring that their schedules are booked, and revenue is assured.

Many websites share an approximate salary you can earn as an Amazon truck driver.

ZipRecruiter estimates a $29 hourly salary, while Youtuber Trucking Empire shares earnings of around 2 to a little less than 5 dollars per mile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Local Amazon Truck Drivers Make?

Local truck drivers make approximately $22 per hour on average.

How Much Do Amazon Loads Pay?

According to royalrecruiter.com, working for an Amazon logistics partner can garner an annual salary of $48,000 to $75,000.

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