How To Delete the Purchase History on the Target App

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Online shopping platforms make buying presents convenient and hassle-free. With just a few taps, you can add to your cart, purchase products instantly, and expect them to be delivered to your doorstep.

These platforms are perfect for surprising loved ones. You can gift them almost anything without spending hours shopping in the mall.

If you plan to be extra discreet, you might also consider deleting your purchase history. So how can you delete your purchase history on the Target app?


There is no way to delete your purchase history on the Target app. What the Target app allows is deleting your search history or canceling orders.

In this article, we discuss how to delete your search history and order history. Later, we will let you know how to cancel orders on the Target app and website. Read on!

Deleting Searches and Orders

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The Target app allows users to delete their search history and cancel orders. Read on to know what other factors you must consider in deleting information!

1. Deleting Search History

One of the ways you can be more discreet with your potential purchases is to delete your search history.

Since you can’t hide orders, you can at least clear your search history, including products you were curious about that you may have wanted to buy.

To delete the search history, tap on the search bar and click Clear. You will find that your previous searches disappear in an instant.

2. Deleting Orders

Unlike your search history, deleting your order history is not possible on the Target app or website. It is advised not to share your account information with anyone, so you can keep your transactions private and secure.

How To Cancel Orders on Target

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If you’re using the Target app, canceling is simple and easy.

1. Canceling Through the App

Simply view your order details, pick which order you want to cancel, and tap Cancel.

Once you’ve canceled an order, you will be asked why you needed to withdraw the order. Pick a reason, and you’re done.

Note that canceling orders is only allowed when the seller has not shipped out the package.

2. Canceling Through the Website

If you wish to cancel an order through the Target site, log in to your account first. Then, pick the order you want to stop and click on Request Cancellation.

Like canceling an order through the app, you will be asked to pick a reason for canceling your order.


You cannot delete your order history on the Target app; the interface and configuration do not provide such an option. Thus, it is advised to keep your account details to yourself so you can make your transactions confidential and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Target Keep Your Purchase History?

Transaction details are kept for around 1 year.

Where Can You See Your Target Purchase History?

Click the Account tab and navigate to purchase history to check your orders.

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