Guide to Getting a Toy Catalog From Target

Spider-Man Toys At Target Store

Target is a favorite place for many customers shopping for various toys.

If you are one of those, its toy catalog might be pretty useful for you, but do you know how to get one?


For years, Target has been doing a great job of providing all kinds of toys to its customers.

It comes up with a new toy catalog every year, containing the details of all the upcoming toys and additional discount coupons.

You can obtain this toy catalog in various ways:

  • Download it from the website.
  • Find it on the Target app.
  • Request for a copy at the local Target store.
  • Subscribe to its newsletter, and get it in the mail.
  • Register for Target RedCard.

Read on to learn about Target’s toy catalog and how to get one.

Toys at Target

Nerf Toys At Target

No matter how old you get, some things hold a special place in your life. You’re never too old for them.

Let’s take video games as an example. Some of us still resort to gaming sessions to chill over the weekend.

There’s a high chance you’ll have the same sessions with your children in the near future.

As for toys, we’ve seen a great revolution over the years. They have evolved from dinky cars to remote-controlled planes.

Target has been providing toys of almost all kinds. You would find toys from various brands for different age groups.

Toy Catalog

A Family Browsing Target Toy Catalog On The Website

The huge collection of toys at Target deserves its own catalog, and they have one.

Target releases its toy catalog at the end of every year. It has details of all the current and upcoming toys, along with their product numbers.

If you have an eye for any specific piece, note down its product number, walk into Target, tell that number to Target’s associate, and get that exact product.

Furthermore, the catalog also has discount coupons and gift cards.

Scan the catalog thoroughly, and you’ll find some pretty good deals to take advantage of.

Coupons’ Validity

Most coupons are valid for a specific period of time, so make sure you use them while they’re valid.

Target tries to fulfill the needs of all age groups. Hence, you’ll also find details of phone accessories or covers in the catalog.

Or if you are an avid gamer, Target also has games and accessories for Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo.

5 Ways To Get a Toy Catalog From Target

Now that you know all about Target’s toy catalog, let’s find out how to get one.

Here are five easy ways to get your hands on it:

1. Digital Catalog From the Website

A Man Browsing The Digital Catalog

The times have changed. Everything is now digital, and so are the catalogs.

Back in the old days, you had to go through several pages to find the product of your interest in the catalog. No doubt, it was pretty overwhelming.

The digital toy catalog is available on Target’s website. You can easily download one to check it out at your fingertips.

At the same time, the toys section on their website acts as a catalog itself, containing all the toys with their information.

2. Target App

Target App

Another way to get this digital toy catalog is through the Target app.

This app is available for both Android and iOS and makes it fairly easy to access Target’s products.

3. Local Target Store

Toys Displayed At Target Store

If you are someone from the older generation who just wants to get your hands on the catalog for your children and save yourself from the hassle of using digital platforms, there is no need to worry. Target has got you covered.

You can always walk into the nearest Target store and request a copy of the toy catalog from the guest service desk.

4. Signing Up for Newsletter

A Man Subscribing For A Newsletter

Some people like sticking to the old traditional way of doing things.

If you prefer the same, you can sign up for Target’s newsletter and start getting the catalog in the mail.

5. Register for Target RedCard

Target Redcard

Target has developed a loyalty program for its regular customers where they get a designated RedCard and use it to avail themselves of discounts at every checkout.

Also, there is a promotional deal every now and then exclusively for RedCard holders.

If you own this card, you’re eligible for Target’s newsletter and will also be on the priority list for recipients of the toy catalog.


Target’s toy catalog is a comprehensive list of all the current and upcoming toys. It is available in both digital and paper forms.

If you look forward to the digital version, you can get it from Target’s website or app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

In case you want to stick with the old traditional catalog, you can walk into the nearest Target store to ask for one.

Or you can also get it delivered to your doorstep by signing up for its newsletter and RedCard membership.

Pay close attention to this catalog because there are plenty of promotional deals and gift cards between its pages.

So go ahead and get the catalog now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Target’s Toy Catalog Have Discount Coupons?

Yes, it has different discount coupons and gift cards.

The important thing to remember about these coupons is that they are valid for a limited period, so pay close attention to their validity and act fast.

What Age Groups Does Target Have Toys For?

You’ll find toys for almost all age groups at Target. They are classified into the following groups:

  • 0–24 months
  • 2–4 years
  • 5–7 years
  • 8–10 years
  • 11–13 years
  • 14+ years

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