How To Recycle Ink Cartridges at Walmart

Ink Cartridge

Did you know? Over 350 million ink cartridges are thrown away yearly.

These cartridges are dumped in landfills without proper means of disposal, contributing to land, water, and air pollution.

The plastic container that holds the ink takes around a thousand years to decompose.

Many generations will pass, and plastic waste will remain in landfills, destroying the natural environment.

However, printing is essential for work or school. The good news is that there are means for us to prevent plastic waste from accumulating. One of these methods is recycling ink cartridges.

If you often need these products at Walmart for work or school, how can you recycle these ink cartridges?


Recycling ink cartridges stop us from contributing to landfill waste and pollution. You can recycle ink cartridges by donating to local recycling facilities or trying recycling programs online.

In this article, we discuss methods for recycling and the advantages of recycling your ink cartridges. Read on!

Ink Cartridge Recycling Methods

Instead of disposing of those ink cartridges straight to the bin, you can help reduce waste by opting to recycle them instead. Here are the two means you can try to recycle ink cartridges.

Donate to Local Facilities


The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a list of organizations and facilities where you can drop off your ink cartridges for recycling.

Once you reach their site, select “Ink cartridge” as the item to recycle and input your address details and zip code.

Once you have inputted your zip code, US EPA will present a list of facilities near you.

You can research beforehand your options and check which facilities are for free and which have fees or tax deduction promos.

Once you’ve picked your local facility, you can now bring your ink cartridges onsite for recycling.

Try Free Recycling Programs Online


Another option is to search for recycling organizations that cater to ink cartridges. Once you’ve picked one program, you can check out their website for further details.

Typically, you would be asked to register and input your name and other details, including your address. Some organizations allow you to pick shipping promos.

After registering, wait for the packing materials to arrive at your address. You will be inserting your ink cartridges into these materials and returning them to the program via shipment.

Advantages of Recycling Ink Cartridges


By recycling your ink cartridges, you reduce the waste products of the country. Furthermore, you reduce land, water, and air pollution.

You become more aware of what happens to the things you buy or consume and feel more responsible for the waste those goods bring.

The act of recycling may seem small and insignificant for an individual, but such a slight difference can make the most significant impact.


By recycling ink cartridges, you can help prevent excessive pollution and waste accumulation in landfills. Many organizations and programs recycle these products for you.

You can search for online recycling programs which allow you to ship ink cartridges from your home or drop them off and donate them to local recycling facilities.

Whichever option you pick, this small act makes a huge impact on the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart Recycle Empty Cartridges?

Walmart accepts ink cartridge waste for recycling.

Can I Throw Ink Cartridges in the Trash Can?

No, they should not be thrown in bins for general waste.

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