Why Can’t I Sign Up for Amazon Individual Seller Account?

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The world of e-commerce is dominated by Amazon, a platform that offers immense opportunities for sellers to reach a global audience. However, signing up for an Amazon Individual Seller Account can sometimes be a challenging process, with various potential obstacles that may prevent you from successfully creating your account. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on these issues, providing detailed explanations, examples, and solutions to help you navigate the sign-up process with ease.


There could be several reasons why you can’t sign up for an Amazon Individual Seller Account. Common issues include providing inconsistent or inaccurate information, uploading incorrect or incomplete documents, attempting to register multiple seller accounts, or using a secondary bank account or card. Location-based restrictions, product restrictions, or not checking the latest requirements on Amazon’s website could also be factors. It’s important to carefully review all of Amazon’s requirements and guidelines before attempting to sign up.

What are the Requirements for Opening an Amazon Individual Seller Account?

To sign up for an Amazon Individual Seller Account, you need to provide accurate and complete information, including:

  • Legal business name
  • Business address
  • Contact information
  • Email address for the company account
  • An internationally chargeable credit card
  • Phone number (used for account verification)
  • Federal Tax ID (either your Social Security number or your business’ Federal Tax ID number)
  • State Tax ID (if you are a U.S. seller)

You also need to submit two types of documents for identity verification: a national ID card (e.g., driver’s license or passport) and a recent bank or credit card statement.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Sign-Up

Unfortunately, many new sellers make common mistakes during the registration process, which can lead to application rejection. Here are some pitfalls to avoid:

  1. Registering for more than one seller account: Amazon’s policies prohibit having multiple seller accounts. Ensure you only have one account to avoid suspension or deactivation.
  2. Providing inconsistent or inaccurate information: All names and addresses on your verification documents should match exactly, including punctuation. Any discrepancies can lead to delays or rejections.
  3. Uploading incorrect or incomplete documents: Make sure you submit all required documents in the correct format. This includes bank statements, national ID cards, or utility bills.
  4. Using a secondary bank account or card: Amazon prefers primary accounts associated with your business for verification purposes.
  5. Not checking the latest requirements on Amazon’s website: Amazon’s policies can change, so it’s crucial to stay updated with their latest requirements before registering.

Amazon’s Verification Process

The verification process is a crucial step in setting up your Amazon Individual Seller Account. It involves confirming your identity and ensuring that your business is under your control. Sellers are often suspended during this process, so having all necessary documents and information ready will help avoid any delays.

Location-Based Restrictions

While there are no specific location or country restrictions when signing up for an Amazon Individual Seller Account, there may be limitations on shipping certain products to specific locations due to government import/export requirements, manufacturer restrictions, or warranty issues. Always ensure you comply with all laws, regulations, and Amazon policies when listing products for sale.

Restricted Products

Certain products cannot be sold through an Amazon Individual Seller Account due to restrictions set by Amazon. These include items like alcohol, animals and animal-related products, gambling and lottery paraphernalia, and tobacco-related products. Always check Amazon’s guidelines and policies before listing a product for sale.

Resolving Sign-Up Issues

If you encounter issues during the sign-up process, visit Amazon’s Common Seller Registration Issues page for guidance. You can also contact Amazon Seller Support through the Amazon Seller Central contact page for further assistance.

Alternative Solutions

If you’re unable to sign up for an Amazon Individual Seller Account, consider these alternatives:

  • Downgrade from a Professional Seller Account: If you accidentally signed up for a Professional Seller Account, you can downgrade to an Individual Seller Account.
  • Create a new email address: If you’re having trouble signing up with your current email, consider creating a new one for your Amazon Seller Account.
  • Explore other online marketplaces: Platforms like eBay, Etsy, or Walmart Marketplace can be great alternatives to Amazon.
  • Start your own online store: Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce allow you to create your own online store, giving you more control over your business.
  • Join local selling groups or platforms: Consider exploring local selling groups on social media platforms like Facebook or use local selling apps like OfferUp, Letgo, or Nextdoor.

In conclusion, while the process of signing up for an Amazon Individual Seller Account can be complex, understanding the common issues and how to resolve them can significantly simplify the process. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful Amazon seller.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products can I sell as an Amazon Individual Seller?

As an Amazon Individual Seller, you can sell a wide range of products across multiple categories. However, there are certain restricted categories that require Amazon’s approval before listing. Always refer to Amazon’s Product Guidelines to ensure your product is allowed for sale.

How long does the Amazon verification process take?

The verification process can take up to 48 hours. However, it might take longer if there are issues with the documents or information provided.

Can I sell in other Amazon marketplaces outside my home country?

Yes, you can sell in other Amazon marketplaces outside your home country. However, you may need to provide additional documentation and meet specific requirements for each marketplace.

What happens if my Amazon Individual Seller Account is suspended?

If your Amazon Individual Seller Account is suspended, you will receive a notification explaining the reason for the suspension. You can appeal the suspension by providing a Plan of Action addressing the reasons for suspension and how you plan to rectify them.

Do I need to pay any fees to open an Amazon Individual Seller Account?

No, there are no fees to open an Amazon Individual Seller Account. However, Amazon charges a $0.99 fee for each item sold, in addition to referral fees and possible variable closing fees.

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