What Ring Devices Have Amazon Sidewalk?

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In the age of smart homes and connected devices, ensuring your devices have a reliable and secure connection is more important than ever. Amazon, well-known for its foray into the world of smart homes with its Echo devices and Ring security products, introduced Amazon Sidewalk to address this need. This article will delve into what Amazon Sidewalk is, how it functions, and more specifically, which Ring devices are compatible with it.


The Ring devices that are compatible with Amazon Sidewalk include the Floodlight Cam, Floodlight Cam Plus, Floodlight Cam Pro, Spotlight Cam Wired, Spotlight Cam Mount, Spotlight Cam Plus, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and the 2019 versions of Ring Floodlight Cam, Ring Spotlight Cam Wired, and Ring Spotlight Cam Mount. These devices share a small portion of your internet bandwidth to support the Sidewalk network.

What is Amazon Sidewalk?

Amazon Sidewalk is a secure, low-bandwidth, and low-power community network designed to provide reliable connectivity for billions of devices. It uses participating Amazon devices, called Sidewalk Bridges, to create the network. These devices share a small portion of their internet bandwidth to enable Sidewalk-enabled devices like compatible cameras, smart locks, motion sensors, and wildfire detectors to send encrypted data over the network to a Sidewalk Bridge up to half a mile away.

Ring Devices and Amazon Sidewalk

Ring, an Amazon-owned company, offers a range of home security products, including video doorbells, security cameras, alarm systems, and smart lighting. These devices integrate with Amazon Sidewalk by acting as Sidewalk Bridges. When more neighbors participate in the network, it becomes stronger and provides better connectivity for Sidewalk-enabled devices.

Compatible Ring Devices

The specific Ring devices that are compatible with Amazon Sidewalk, also known as Sidewalk Bridge devices, include:

  1. Floodlight Cam
  2. Floodlight Cam Plus
  3. Floodlight Cam Pro
  4. Spotlight Cam Wired
  5. Spotlight Cam Mount
  6. Spotlight Cam Plus
  7. Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  8. Ring Floodlight Cam (2019)
  9. Ring Spotlight Cam Wired (2019)
  10. Ring Spotlight Cam Mount (2019)

These devices share a small portion of your internet bandwidth to create a shared network, benefitting all Sidewalk-enabled devices in your community.

Benefits of Ring Devices Using Amazon Sidewalk

Ring devices benefit from Amazon Sidewalk in several ways:

  1. Extended connectivity: Sidewalk helps keep Sidewalk-enabled devices that are outdoors or in garages connected, even if they are outside the range of their home Wi-Fi.
  2. Improved device setup: Sidewalk simplifies the setup of new devices and extends the low-bandwidth working range of devices.
  3. Continuous operation: If your Ring device loses its Wi-Fi connection, Sidewalk can help it stay online and continue to receive motion alerts and customer support.
  4. Increased working range: Sidewalk extends the working range for Sidewalk-enabled devices, such as Ring smart lights, pet locators, or smart locks, allowing them to stay connected and work over longer distances.

Privacy Concerns

While Amazon Sidewalk offers several benefits, it has also raised potential privacy concerns. Amazon has implemented several security measures to protect user data. Sidewalk uses three layers of encryption to secure data, and Amazon has released a white paper detailing the privacy and security features of Sidewalk. If a user is uncomfortable with these potential privacy concerns, they can opt out of Sidewalk through the Amazon Alexa or Ring apps.

Future of Ring Devices and Amazon Sidewalk

The future looks promising for new Ring devices being compatible with Amazon Sidewalk. Amazon has opened up Sidewalk to all developers, which means more Sidewalk-enabled products from other companies, including Ring devices, can be expected in the future.

In conclusion, Amazon Sidewalk is a revolutionary step towards creating a community network that not only improves device connectivity but also opens doors to new possibilities. With Ring devices acting as Sidewalk Bridges, homeowners can enjoy extended connectivity and improved functionality of their Ring devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of using Amazon Sidewalk?

Amazon Sidewalk is a free service provided by Amazon. There are no extra costs involved in using this service.

Can I use Amazon Sidewalk if I don’t own any Ring devices?

Yes, Amazon Sidewalk is not limited to Ring devices. It also works with other Amazon devices and Sidewalk-enabled devices from third-party manufacturers.

If I opt out of Amazon Sidewalk, will my Ring devices still work?

Yes, your Ring devices will continue to function as normal even if you opt out of Amazon Sidewalk. However, you will lose the additional benefits provided by Sidewalk, such as extended connectivity and continuous operation in case of Wi-Fi disconnection.

Does using Amazon Sidewalk increase my internet bill?

Amazon Sidewalk uses a small portion of your internet bandwidth, capped at 500MB per month, which is equivalent to streaming about 10 minutes of high-definition video. So, unless you’re already nearing your data cap, it’s unlikely to have a noticeable impact on your internet bill.

Can I select which devices connect to my Sidewalk Bridge?

No, you cannot select which devices connect to your Sidewalk Bridge. Any Sidewalk-enabled device within range can connect to your Bridge. However, all data transmitted is encrypted for privacy and security.

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