Why Won’t USPS Accept My Payment?

Usps Payment

USPS delivers billions of mail volumes annually in the United States, with 127 billion in 2022 alone. Even with the rise of technology with every passing day.

USPS has maintained its position as a mail isn’t by offering multiple mail options. However, with the advancement in technology at USPS, users often need help with the online payment facility.


Since the users are usually familiar with surface-level reasons, such as insufficient funds in the cards or technical issues at the USPS website.

There could be some advanced problems described below:

  • Limitation of acceptable payment methods at USPS.
  • Inaccurate address information.
  • Alignment of your billing and new residential address.

Chill out! This write-up walks you through the three potential reasons that cause payment decline and the practical solution to each problem. So please stick with us to find the apt solution to your worries.

3 Reasons for Payment Decline at USPS

Here are the major causes of USPS payment rejection and the solutions to preempt them immediately. So let’s delve into it deeply.

1. Payment Options and Limitations

Payment Options

We admire USPS for providing consumers with many mailing choices catering to their needs. But there are limitations regarding the payment facilities. Presently, USPS accepts Debit cards, PayPal, Discover, American, VISA, Mastercard, Click-n-Pay, and Apple pay.

However, each of these has certain restrictions. For example, PayPal is limited to the Click-N-Ship and the postal store.

It is possible that the payment method you are utilizing doesn’t work for the service you need; therefore, USPS is not accepting your payment.


The official website of USPS has explained in detail all the payment options and the services they work for. You should check here before selecting the medium to pay.

This is because USPS makes every service, option, and limitation clear to its visitors.

2. Incorrect Address Information

Wrong Address

Often, the address you drop in on the USPS site needs to be more accurate, with no mistakes regarding the apartment number and the street code.

In other cases, the address variation already given in your Debit Card could differ from the one USPS uses or approves.

USPS is strict about address variations. So it must be similar to the one given on the card you’re paying with.


Always match your address in the USPS address lookup tool. This is another handy feature on the official site, where you can find Zip Codes by address.

You can copy-paste the address you write in the billing option, and you’ll be through.

3. Change of Address at USPS and Billing Address

Change Of Address

If none of the above issues is the cause of payment turndown, this is the likely reason. USPS has a policy that your address must match the address on your card.

Thus, if you have changed your Debit/Credit Card address but still need to change it at USPS, this could be a hurdle in transactions.

Sometimes, users still face dismissal in payment deposits having the matched address. In this scenario, one should be aware that the change of address at USPS is only valid for 18 months, and you must update it every year and a half.


One solution is to change the address on your card to your old address already registered at USPS before remitting without any obstacles.

Moreover, if you have updated the Change of Address (COA) at USPS, you would still like to update before the payment in case the 18-month window has expired.

Final Takeaway

USPS facilitated its users in terms of varying mailing options and payment choices. However, users often need help with accurate address variation or the non-alignment of their billing and residential address.

The mailers must go through the USPS website to acquaint themselves better with the acceptable payment options and COA policies to ensure a smooth and swift transaction process.

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