Why Won’t My Zip Code Work on IKEA?


Nothing is surreal like finding an elegant furniture piece on IKEA’s website, adding it to your cart, and eagerly checking out. The thought of seeing it on your doorstep can be exciting until an error puts a stop to your order completion.

The most frustrating of these errors is the invalid zip code message which can spoil the mood of IKEA’s customers at any point.


Pinning down the root cause is the key to getting yourself off the hook. The invalidation of zip code can be due to entering incorrect digits, website technical errors, or delivery restrictions. To avoid any inconvenience, do the following:

  • Double-check the entered code.
  • Pick up the items available at your local IKEA store.
  • Follow the IKEA cookies policy.

This blog post will lead you through all the possible reasons behind the invalid zip code error and offer practical solutions to help you continue shopping like before. So please stick with us as we get you to the bottom of this issue together.

3 Reasons Your Zip Code Won’t Work on IKEA

Here are a few credible reasons why your zip code needs to be functional on the IKEA website.

1. Entering Incorrect Zip Code

Zip Code

While entering the zip code on the IKEA website, ensure you are typing it correctly. Even a minor typo of missing a digit or inserting an incorrect number can lead to the IKEA system invalidating your zip code.

For example, if you accidentally feed 0 (the number) instead of O (the alphabet) in your zip code, it will display an error message and abandon your order completion.


There is no rocket science to this problem; you only need to double-check your code before submitting it further.

2. Delivery Restrictions

Delivery Restrictions

Another reason that can lead to the inaccurate zip code problem is the delivery restriction by IKEA to only specific areas. The shopping platform may not ship items to your local area for multiple reasons, including:

Geographical barriers: difficult to access the route region.

Logistical issues: lack of available delivery trucks in a particular area.


  • You can contact IKEA Customer Service to know if they can deliver to your unique zip code.
  • Or you can visit the website and access a section that lets you know if the shipment is possible in your area of residence. Once you enter the code into the system, it will generate a message indicating whether it can be shipped within your area.
  • If not, you can try two other things: place an order for pick up at a nearby IKEA store or use a different shipment service and arrange your transportation.

3. Technical Pitfall

Ikea's Website

Technical glitches on the IKEA website can also cause the negation of your zip code by its automated system. This temporary problem can be due to server maintenance and browser futility.


  • If the problem concerns the browser, clear the cache in the storage.
  • Adjust the cookies at IKEA for a better user experience. You can visit here to do all the customizations.
  • You can also try the same process on another browser to see if the problem remains. For example, switch to Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge if you already use Google Chrome.
  • If the problem persists, it may be some temporary technical issue with IKEA’s website. Wait for a few hours or at least a day before putting another effort into it.

Always shop from your country’s IKEA website to avoid zip code errors.

Final Verdict

The zip code problem at IKEA can be an overwhelming situation. Luckily, there are multiple things out there to settle down this issue. But to know the right solution, you must identify the cause of the problem. It can happen due to wrong zip codes, technical errors, or graphical restrictions.

After determining the principal cause, you can follow the relevant quick fixes and order your best-loved household items without stress.

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